This week we've got a mixed bag with something of a Naxxramas focus!

Back to TopDeck Tech: Pre-Naxx Tokens

On this week's Hearthstone Deck Tech, Spacewizard revisits the classic token Druid deck one last time in preparation for the soon™ to be released 'Curse of Naxxramas' Adventure. A number of changes has been made to fit this aggressive Druid deck to the current metagame. Budget alternatives for each legendary included in the deck can be seen in the budget decklist.

Back to TopPricing for Naxxramas

After an apparently erroneous price of $90 for Curse of Naxxramas, the upcoming Adventure Mode, was leaked, Blizzard Community Manager Zeriyah has been doing her best to quell the rumors:


While Naxx pricing sounds far too high at $90, where do you think it will sit? We know that the first wing will be free, and that subsequent wings can be unlocked with in-game gold as well as real money, how much do you think is a fair price?

Back to TopChris Kluwe: How to Win at Hearthstone

Football player Chris Kluwe, a well-known member of the WoW community, has written a blog on winning at Hearthstone, from a footballer who never won anything, as he says. Chris goes through three decks, and gives the player tips on success for each one.
Turn 1. Do nothing. Turn 2. Use your hero power. Turn 3. Use your hero power. Turn 4. Drop Giant, win gaem.

In actuality, it’s a bit tougher than that, especially as you get into the higher ranks, but the essence is very much the same. You’ll want to mulligan for either a Twilight Drake or Mountain Giant against pretty much everyone (unless you think it’s a rush deck, then go for a Hellfire), and then get them out as soon as possible. After that, just keep things taunted up and try to stay alive until late game – you’ll probably be anywhere from 15-19 hit points depending on who you’re facing. If you get to 10 life, you can drop Molten Giants for free, which makes for some pretty entertaining blocking when you put down a Defender of Argus with them.
You can check out the full blog on Gameinformer.