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On this week's Hearthstone Deck Tech, Spacewizard showcases his Snake Trap Hunter deck that's been designed for casual play. With this deck, you can force your opponent into attacking your minions and swarm the field with beast tokens. If you're missing a legendary or two, check out the budget decklist.

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Blizzard has posted a Facebook quiz where you answer 10 questions to see what card you are. It includes an unusual number of references to eating murlocs... Hmm.

Blizzard's Hearthstone Quiz

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Below you'll find some recent tweets from members of the Hearthstone team at Blizzard. Be sure to check out the Hearthhead Blue Tweet Tracker to see the most important tweets made about the game from Blizzard staff!
@EliteLeafHater @cataclyst78 haha man I am hyper aware that you want more deck slots :)
@EliteLeafHater @cataclyst78 still no plans to add more but I'll let you know if anything changes :)
@cataclyst78 Is there Class Challenges in the 1st wing ? Are the 9 Challenges spread among all wings ? (I haven't found info on this :-( )
@JeanMart65 there are some class challenges in each wing.
@bdbrode will there be a release detailing the remaining cards in the set?
@King_Arthur_LoL yes, shortly before it goes live.
@bdbrode Any chance on some QoL UI changes? Like showing how many cards in your hand, or an expanded history on the side?
@Get_equipped neither of those is planned at this time
@bdbrode are there any plans to fix or perhaps rework Nozdormu within Hearthstone in the future? He's been broken for seemingly months :(
@_Joseph_Romano_ yeah there is some weirdness with timer not starting fast enough right now. I'll take a look.
@bdbrode how many times per year are you guys planning to release expansions for the game?
@CM_Zeriyah @PlayHearthstone Any plans to sort out the complete JOKE that is the Rgue deck right now. Being beat when they have 0 mana is jk
@HeelvsBabyface No current plans to change any cards.

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Over at the Yogscast Simon has completed his ascent to face the "tryhard" Lewis in the culmination of his journey to prove the might of the dwarves! Be warned that this video includes some strong language.