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After the conclusion of the Americas Regional Championship Finals Blizzard uploaded all of the tournament decks to the site! Check out the links to all of them in the tabs below! If you missed it you can still go see any match (or all of them!) in the highlights section of the official Hearthstone Twitch page. Sixteen players contended for seats at the Hearthstone World Championship that will be taking place November 7th-8th at BlizzCon 2014, and the four winners were Tarei, Dtwo, StrifeCro, and Firebat. Which decks were you most impressed by?
Find all of the LEGENDARY decks from the Americas Championship here!… #RoadtoBlizzCon

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Here's a roundup of the past couple weeks of significant tweets from the Hearthhead Blue Tweet Tracker! The most recent are at the top. A lot of people have been concerned with bots in play mode and have been tweeting to Team 5 about it. They've said that they're working on it, but haven't given details worth noting so they're not included in the tweets below.

You should check out the tweets themselves in the tabs below, but here are some of the highlights:
  • No plans to nerf Undertaker, but they may do something about Flare.
  • There will be no Hallow's End event.
  • They don't want to use new dust types in addition to Arcane Dust.
  • Some unknown work is in progress on a game board. Perhaps the teased expansion will include a new board?
Below you'll find some recent tweets from members of the Hearthstone team at Blizzard. Be sure to check out the Hearthhead Blue Tweet Tracker to see the most important tweets made about the game from Blizzard staff!
@bdbrode @bucky1andonly Changing "owner" to "controller" has zero drawbacks; one less word to learn, adds clarity without making it wordier.
@Asuryan27 @bucky1andonly controller is more characters for one. Controller is less natural language for two. It could go either way, though
@bdbrode @CM_Zeriyah Are 2 Kel'Thuzad's meant to bring back 2 of everything? I thought only one copy like Rivendare.…
@KobayshiMaru @bdbrode Yup, each KT triggers independently. KT1 triggers, KT2 triggers.
@bdbrode @Lazerchickenwow Deathrattle activation = determined by order summoned, but the target of Duplicate = determined by board position?
@TaoHinton @Lazerchickenwow correct. I would like for it to be more consistent some day ;)
Flanestrike someone who has duplicate and he gets back the last minion played instead of the first. Working as intended @bdbrode ?
@Lazerchickenwow should be the leftmost minion
@bdbrode vs Hunter. Mad Scientist. No Exisitng Secrets: Coin, SI:7 - kill Scienist, secret is played. Snipe is activated. Kills SI:7. Bug?
@HowOnHearth battlecries activate before the guy finishes "coming into play". It's why mirror entity copies twilight drake with the buff.
@CM_Zeriyah Ragnaros kills Kel'Thuzad at the end of a turn... KT respawns himself and the board. Intended?
@Cody_Belanger Bug. Looking into getting this fixed.