Now is a great time to jump into Hearthstone, grab one of our Basic decks and start your experience.

Hearthhead and its guide writers are continuing to create content aimed at helping the Hearthstone community. We previously released class overviews and guides for all nine classes. Today, we're happy to announce that we now have a Basic Guide available for each of the classes.

Now new players can see what each class is about at a glance and then arm themselves with a Basic deck list complete with a guide that will help them learn.

Each Basic Guide contains:

  • Card Choices - Why are you running some cards over others? We try to explain that here.

  • Mulligan and Strategy - You'll want to know and understand what cards you want in your opening hand and how this specific Basic deck does to win the game.

  • General Tips - Answers to some general questions you might have. When do I use my hero power? What card combos are available? Etc.

  • Card Upgrades - There are obviously some less than ideal cards, so we offer a few cheap upgrades for the ones you'll want to replace.


Here are the Basic guides that we've prepared:


We plan on adding a Budget deck list and guide to each of our class overview guides in the near future which will complete the new player curve. It will then be possible to read about Druid, pick up a Basic Druid deck, upgrade that to a Budget Druid deck, and then work towards an up to date competitive deck list that you'd normally see on the ladder all from one central page.

Special thanks, as always, to Stonekeep who does excellent work and completed all of these guides himself.