Find the best Hearthstone decks with our new Tier List!

The Hearthhead team is committed to being a valuable source of information for all players. We have guides for all of the top decks, introductory new player guides for those just getting started, and much more. Today, we're happy to announce a bunch of updates to the site that we think you'll find very useful.

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Thanks to our friends over at MetaStats, Hearthhead users now have access to a tier list of decks in the current meta. Now you can see exactly which decks are set up for success like Aggro Druid and Jade Druid, all the way down to the middle of the class with archetypes like Secret Mage and Zoolock. 

Each archetype has its own description for the current meta, quickly explaining why it is where it is, and clicking on either the image or the guide button will bring you to our deck list and guide. Note: not all of the archetypes have guides just yet, we're actively working with our guide writers to remedy this, however.

The best part is that it is live updating! Whenever MetaStats pushes out an update, it'll also adjust our tier list.

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Back to TopDeck List History

We're also happy to announce that deck lists now have a history tab that can be expanded. This way you can see what cards have been added and removed. No more guessing whether or not your favorite deck list has been updated! Now you can see exactly which cards were moved around and when.

You can see an example of this on our Token Druid guide: Token Druid Guide - Frozen Throne Deck List (August 2017).

Back to TopOfficial Decks

To make good decks easier to find, we've split out "official" decks uploaded by staff from those uploaded by the community.

We wanted to make it easier for users to find high-quality deck lists that are either being run by pro players or put together by our guide writers. You'll no longer have to go digging through old news posts to find deck roundups or hope they rise to the top, now they can all be found in one convenient place.

By default, they're sorted by what's trending. If you just want to see what's new, make sure to switch over to the "New" filter and the decks will be shown chronologically.

Back to TopOther Improvements

We've also launched a bunch of minor and behind the scenes improvements including faster tooltips, easier ways to share our posts, and an RSS feed. That last one was requested by some very avid users of feeds, so we hope you'll finally be able to enjoy Hearthhead the way you like to.

If you have any other feature requests or feedback regarding the latest changes, please share it with us here in the comments or head on over to Discord to discuss it with our staff.