A new Hearthstone patch has appeared on Blizzard's servers. There are a number of changes to existing text strings but the most interesting is a string that says "Waiting for next game to start." Currently when a player you are spectating ends the game they are currently playing the spectator is left idling at the win or loss screen. A spectator would then have to stop spectating the game that is now over, reopen their friends list, and start spectating that player's next game. Now it looks like not only will your spectate mode carry over to the next game, but there will be even more information about what your friends are doing in between games.

The previously announced Lunar New Year card back for reaching Rank 20 this season has also been added to the game files!

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  • asset: "[html]Assets/Game/CardBacks/Maraad/Card_Back_MaraadAssets/Game/CardBacks/Maraad/Card_Back_Maraad_Comp[/html]"
Lunar New Year
  • New Card Back

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  • Changed GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_INVITED_TEXT: "[html]You've invited Invite sent to {0} to spectate this game.begin spectating.[/html]"
  • Changed GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_INVITE_TEXT: "[html]Invite {0} to spectate this game.you.[/html]"
  • Changed GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_KICK_TEXT: "[html]{0} is spectating your game.you. Click here to remove this spectator.[/html]"
  • Changed GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_KICK_TEXT_TOUCH: "[html]{0} is spectating your game.you. Tap here to remove this spectator.[/html]"
  • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_PREVIOUSLY_KICKED_TEXT: "You've been previously removed from spectating this player. You cannot attempt to spectate again."
  • Changed GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_RECEIVED_INVITE_TEXT: "[html]{0} has invited you to spectate this game.be a spectator. Click here to begin spectating.[/html]"
  • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_RECEIVED_INVITE_TEXT_TOUCH: "{0} has invited you to be a spectator. Tap here to begin spectating."
  • Changed GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_COUNT_PANEL_TEXT_ONE: "[html]{0} is spectating your game.you.[/html]"
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_ERROR_CREATE_PARTY_TEXT: "An error occurred attempting to create Spectator party."
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_ERROR_LEAVE_FOR_SPECTATE_PLAYER_TEXT: "An error occurred attempting to leave a previous party to spectate {0}."
  • Changed GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_KICK_PROMPT_TEXT: "[html]Are you sure you want to remove {0} from spectating this game? spectating? If you turn off 'Allow Friends to Spectate my Games' in Options Menu, you can prevent others from spectating.[/html]"
  • Changed GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_LEAVE_PROMPT_TEXT: "[html]Are you sure you want to stop spectating this game?spectating?[/html]"
  • Changed GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_REMOVED_PROMPT_TEXT: "[html]You have been removed from spectating the game.spectating.[/html]"
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT: "Waiting for next game to start.\n\n{0} is {1}"
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT.COMMENT: "0=player name, 1=player's current activity -- will be filled in with values PRESENCE_STATUS_* and PRESENCE_SCENARIO_*_NORMAL_SCENARIO_* from PRESENCE.txt (e.g. "Jane Doe is Heading into Play Mode")"
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_BATTLING: "Waiting for next game to start.\n\n{0} is Battling {1}"
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_BATTLING.COMMENT: "0=player name, 1=player's current activity -- will be filled in with values PRESENCE_SCENARIO_*_HEROIC_* from PRESENCE.txt (e.g. "Jane Doe is Battling Heroic Gothik the Harvester")"
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_ENTERING: "Waiting for next game to start.\n\n{0} is entering {1}"
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_ENTERING.COMMENT: "0=player name, 1=player's current activity -- will be filled in with values PRESENCE_ADVENTURE_MODE_* from PRESENCE.txt (e.g. "Jane Doe is entering Naxxramas")"
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_OFFLINE: "Waiting for next game to start.\n\n{0} is Offline"
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_OFFLINE.COMMENT: "0=player name; same string as above, except shown when player is offline."
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_PLAYING: "Waiting for next game to start.\n\n{0} is playing {1}"
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_PLAYING.COMMENT: "0=player name, 1=player's current activity -- will be filled in with values PRESENCE_SCENARIO_*_CLASS_CHALLENGE_* from PRESENCE.txt (e.g. "Jane Doe is playing Naxxramas Paladin Challenge")"
  • Added GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TIMEOUT: "The player you are spectating took too long to start the next game. Spectator Mode has been canceled."
  • Added GLUE_STORE_FAIL_REGION_IS_DOWN: "The Shop is currently unavailable. Please try your purchase again a little later."