Blizzard has revealed the hero that was teased yesterday as Magni Bronzebeard! This hero will be available from the store for $9.99 and will be purely cosmetic. His hero portrait, hero power animations and unique emotes will all be different but the function of his Hero Power will be the same as Garrosh Hellscream's Hero Power, Armor Up! and grant 2 armor. That's not all though, as he will also come with a unique card back upon purchase.

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Heroes Emerge: New Hearthstone Heroes Are Coming!

“Well, look who it is!”

Some new faces have just shown up at the inn! Hearthstone®: Heroes of Warcraft is happy to welcome new Heroes as they pull up a chair at the game table!

These new Heroes put a fresh face on the classes you know and love, and bring along some unique surprises of their own.

Picture Perfect


These new Hearthstone Heroes will feature beautifully detailed animated Hero portraits, including all-new art never before seen in the Blizzard universe. The first new Hero we’re introducing is a famed Warrior—the mighty King of Ironforge himself, Magni Bronzebeard!


Aside from the vibrant new Hero portrait artwork, these new Heroes also come with unique Hero power animations. Magni’s version of the Warrior’s “Armor Up!” Hero Power is sure to reinforce the fact that his majesty is not to be trifled with!


New Heroes also come with unique emotes and voices that convey their individual personalities, a play area featuring a custom visual theme, and nifty “entering the game” animations so you can greet    (or intimidate) your next opponent in style.


If that wasn’t enough, new Heroes also come with a unique card back that will impress even the mightiest of dwarven kings! The steadfast “Magni” card back is added to your collection immediately after purchasing the Magni Bronzebeard Hero, and can be used with any deck of your choice.  

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New Heroes will be available for purchase from the in-game Shop for $9.99 USD! Usurp the traitorous Garrosh Hellscream and bring down the hammers of dwarven justice with Magni Bronzebeard; the first new Warrior Hero for Hearthstone—coming soon!

New Heroes do not add new cards to your collection or change the classes’ activated Hero Power and are not considered new classes. 

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Community Manager Zeriyah has been answering many questions about the hero reveal earlier today. You can check out more tweets by Blizzard Employees on our Blue Tweet Tracker.

New Heroes will come animated by default but will not have the golden border until 500 wins with that class have been reached.
Correction about the new heroes and golden: Hero Power starts as "wood border" if you don't have 500 wins, will become gold at 500 wins.
New heroes and hero power still come animated by default. Hero power also has unique on-use animation. Also comes with new hero tray.
.@stefan_schmid The surrounding area the Hero Portrait sits in.
@CM_Zeriyah Is that 500 wins *on Magni* or 500 wins on warrior (Garrosh and/or Magni)?
.@binarywhale 500 wins "on Warrior" it doesn't matter the portrait.

@CM_Zeriyah Hey are all the heroes gonna cost 10 dollars or each individual will have their own cost.
.@dominik501731 New heroes that are available in the in-game shop are $9.99 USD per hero.
On another note, I bet blizz will introduce a bundle of new 9 heroes for 45$, right @CM_Zeriyah ? :>
@LotharHS A bit soon to tell, since heroes won't all roll out at once. But no current plans.
@CM_Zeriyah Will we B able 2 gift portraits to our friends? This option would be appreciated for the other purchasable with IRL money things
@Kokokatten No gifting option.
@CM_Zeriyah Will new heroes ever be available for purchase with in game gold?

There are no plans to add special interactions to the new heroes, such as the interation between Illidan and Malfurion.
@CM_Zeriyah @bdbrode Do you have any plans on special interaction to the new heros? (like Illidan - Malfurion; Cairne - Garrosh)
@anodigerion @bdbrode I do think it would be cool, but I'm not sure if there are any currently.

@CM_Zeriyah @JaredEvrett So when will Magni Bronzebeard be available to purchase?
@JamesAKingIII @JaredEvrett No date announced yet.
@CM_Zeriyah Will all classes be receiving a new Hero and will they all be released at the same time?
.@JaredEvrett New heroes will not all be released at the same time.

You can use New Heroes in Arena and when creating deck a new deck.
@CM_Zeriyah In Arena, does you get Garrosh or Magni? Can you control that?
@CrazyPantsHS Whatever you set your "favorite hero" to.
@CM_Zeriyah Can we choose between the two Warriors (or the other classes who will receive a new hero) when we create a new deck?