The Menagerie has long been pegged as the most influential wing in all of One Night In Karazhan. A large part of that was the weight behind The Curator with many comparing it to the pre-nerf Ancient of Lore, but it also helps legitimize the Dragon, Beast, Murloc zoo promoted by Zoobot and Menagerie Magician.

A few other cards have had a large impact, but one or two have really fallen flat. Menagerie Warden is every bit the boom Beast Druid was expecting, but Fool's Bane is nowhere to be seen as Warrior continues its downfall with the rise of Hunters.

The verdict is still out on cards like Cat Trick, Babbling Book, and Avian Watcher. The former may actually be much stronger than many though while the latter can't really do much until next week when the final Secret Mage supporting minion, Medivh's Valet, releases.

We've gathered five of the more interesting, yet competitive decklists that are seeing play as a result. If you're looking to use a specific card, you can actually click on any Karazhan card in our database to see some decklists that use them!