Our newest guide will help you spend your Arcane Dust wisely by crafting legendary minions that will stay relevant.

Crafting a legendary Hearthstone card is a huge decision. With the amount of dust that it costs you may not have the chance to craft another one for another month while you continue saving up the essence of duplicate cards. For that reason, making a smart decision and picking a card that's going to see a lot of play is important.

It's very common for players to obtain the flavor of the week cards when expansions first launch and that often leads to buyer's remorse. You could end up like us who crafted The Caverns Below only to find out that we really didn't like the playstyle of Quest Rogue and now the card is entirely unused.

Avoiding this situation is even more important for casual and F2P players who are really strapped for both Arcane Dust and cards.

Our latest guide by Bell not only walks you through wise crafting decisions it also presents you with a legendary tier list to help you figure out what cards are best to pursue.


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by Bell (@Bell1834_HS)

So when you’re just starting out, Hearthstone is certainly a daunting game to jump into. But like other players you’ve likely already decided that you want to climb past Rank 20. As a new player with eyes on legend, it is very easy to watch a stream and fall in love with a deck. However, you can dump a ton of money into building that deck only to find out that you really don’t care for its playstyle. This is an easy trap to fall into. It’s a great way to burn your entire budget with very little to show for it.

For new players on a budget, one of the most important things to know is how to manage the two resources found in the world of Hearthstone, gold, and dust. There is no right or wrong way to use these, but it is extremely important to spend them with a goal in mind when you’re first learning the game.

I believe that the best way to budget your resources, learn about the game, and build somewhat competitive decks is to craft only the most versatile cards in top tier decks you see in decklists. These are the legendaries and epics that can also be used in other decks. Try not to put all your eggs in one basket and avoid crafting expensive niche cards. Instead, stick to budget replacements.

Some legendaries are played in decks only because they are marginally better than a rare or common alternative. You can get by without these, at least until you try the deck. Still, some legendaries are irreplaceable. This guide will give some examples of how to think about crafting decisions and I’ll rank legendaries in accordance with how useful I think they are to the new player.

Keep in mind that this guide isn’t meant to be followed to the letter. If you love Paladin, go ahead, by all means, craft Tirion Fordring and Ragnaros, Lightlord. They have a place in almost every Paladin variant. However, if you’re not completely 100% sold on Uther then stick to the guide and get yourself some Classic and neutral legendaries first. Being a “one-trick” isn’t as much of a thing in Hearthstone as it is in other games. It’s almost unheard of for a high-level player to be 100% devoted to a single class, so try to diversify.