Blizzard's Team 5 has been revealing new cards like crazy recently, as well as clarifying mechanics interactions on new cards via Twitter. In this post we've rounded up all the new card reveals since the BlizzCon reveal, as well as a ton of Blizzard tweets from our Blue Tweets tool. To keep up with new cards as soon as they're announced follow Hearthhead on Twitter!

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We've put together a Goblins vs Gnomes Guide showing all revealed cards and art, including one conveniently resized for wallpaper!

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Goblins vs Gnomes will include over 120 new collectible cards. New tokens and the 7 Spare Parts are not included in this count. Check out our Goblins vs Gnomes Guide for a complete listing including all the originally revealed cards! To keep up with new cards as soon as they're announced follow Hearthhead on Twitter!
Antique Healbot Burly Rockjaw Trogg - When your opponent casts a spell gain +2 Attack. Foe Reaper 4000 Goblin Sapper Illuminator Jeeves Tinkertown Technician Toshley

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Team 5 has been tweeting up a storm lately, explaining mechanics and interactions of the newly revealed cards! Here are the biggest highlights from the last few weeks, pulled from our Blue Tweets tool:
@bdbrode Can we summon legendaries from a random class from Sneed's old shredder's deathrattle ?
@bdbrode Also, could Old Shredder potentially summon another Old Shredder? Or is it a preset list of cards, like Bane of Doom?
@mrnathancumber yep! Though best case is Kel'Thuzad ;-)
@bdbrode @StoTheXHS Class specific cards too? For example: Can a Mage with a Sky Golem summon an Auchenai Soulpriest (Priest specific) too?

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Blizzard put together a video looking back on the Hearthstone World Championship that just took place at BlizzCon. It highlights some great moments and has commentary from Frodan, Firebat, and others, on what they expected and what they ultimately saw in the finals.