First Year of the Raven expansion was just announced!

First expansion of the Year of the Raven was just announced - it's called "The Witchwood"!

This post will be updated with more info, but for now here's what we know.

  • Release Date: April (Not Official)
  • New Cards: 135 cards
  • New Keyword – Echo: Echo cards can be casted multiple times during the same turn (think Unstable Evolution).
  • New Keyword – Rush: Rush minions have Charge, but can only attack minions on the turn they’re summoned (think Charged Devilsaur).
  • New Mechanic - Start of Game: If you add a Start of Game card to your deck and meet its requirements, their effects will work right from the first turn!
  • Monster HuntNew version of Dungeon Run with 4 unique heroes. Mode will get released two weeks after the expansion's launch. There is also a new card back tied to the mode.
  • Pre-order contains 70 card packs instead of 50 for the same price - $49.99! Here's the pre-order card back. Here's how the pre-order card back looks like.
  • Logging in after the expansion goes live will give you 3 card packs and a random class Legendary.

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Cannoneer Houndmaster
Time Tinkerer Tracker



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