After this week's exciting launch for Naxxramas, our Hearthhead team has been hard at work on updating our database to bring information to you guys even better than before. We've organized the Naxxramas sections and made some tweaks to how decks work.

Back to TopNew Naxxramas & Class Challenges Sections

We've cleaned up the data and made adventure sections in our database for Naxxramas normal and Naxxramas heroic.
We've also made a new class challenge section where you can find every detail about each challenge in Naxxramas.

Since some of these challenges were previously unknown, here's a cheat sheet of every challenge showing the boss you'll face and the rewards you'll get, as well as what week it will be available:
Week OneDruid fights Grand Widow Faerlina2x Poison Seeds
Week OneRogue fights Maexxna2x Anub'ar Ambusher
Week Two (Plague)Hunter fights Loatheb2x Webspinner
Week Two (Plague)Mage fights Heigan the Unclean2x Duplicate
Week Three (Military)Shaman fights Gothik the Harvester2x Reincarnate
Week Three (Military)Warlock fights The Four Horsemen2x Voidcaller
Week Four (Construct)Warrior fights Grobbulus2x Death's Bite
Week Four (Construct)Priest fights Thaddius2x Dark Cultist
Week Five (Frostwyrm)Paladin fights Kel'Thuzad2x Avenge

Back to TopDeck Tweaks

For Decks and the Deck Builder we've added new filters for your collection, letting you focus on what cards you have available.

Search for Cards in your collection in the Deck Builder

Highlight Cards in your Collection in DecksIn Decks, click "Highlight cards in My Collection" in the sidebar to show which cards in the deck you do or do not have. This pairs especially well with the option to sort by Arcane Dust!

Additionally, you can check the box for "In My Collection" in the Deck Builder filters, and the search area will only show cards you own--if you have a golden version of a card it will be displayed in gold! This will even restrict your deck to using the number of cards you have, so you don't accidentally use more than you've got. If you want to add more to the deck than you have, just hit the check again to disable it. The tooltips on this page also now show the counts of how many you have of each type of that card.