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The official Hearthstone Facebook page uploaded a new banner image today depicting a yet to be announced card! Zeriyah has confirmed that this image is what N'Zoth looks like to our mortal eyes.

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This is true! N'Zoth is a secretive being, and has not been seen in the Warcraft universe before now ...

... but if you'd like a sneak peek of what the physical form of this ancient evil looks like to our mortal eyes, N'Zoth has graced our Twitter and Facebook with a touch of its sinister presence.
UPDATE: Tyson Murphy, the lead character artist for World of Warcraft is the one who created the first ever rendition of N'Zoth and has released a larger picture of it.

full n'zoth art.jpg

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In the first Overwatch Animated Short, Winston can be seem watching a Hearthstone stream! For more information and the trailer itself, head on over to our sister site OverKing!

overwatch-winston-hearthstone overwatch-winston-hearthstone-2