We've recently noticed Mordanticus, a Hearthhead user, uploading a ton of really awesome lord themed Hearthstone decks. So whether you're a World of Warcraft fan or just like seeing cards that look like they belong together, here are a few decks that are sure to scratch that itch. They may not be that competitive (or competitive at all), but they're really awesome when you try to imagine them as a physical group of minions. Surely with enough time, at least in Wild, there will come a time where these are actually viable though.

Each one falls into one of many categories:
  • Armies - Spells and minons that fit thematically within a specific warring group from World of Warcraft.
  • Battles - Decks that attempt to embody a specific battle from Warcraft.
  • Factions - Decks that group minions by their abilities such as Priests or Berserkers.
  • Mad Alliances - What if N'Zoth and C'Thun joined forces in the real world? Here's what Mordanticus thinks that force would look like inside of Hearthstone.
  • Raids - In essence these are just decks entirely made from the adventures.

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Army Codex: Naxxramas
Armies: Gadgetzan
Army Codex: Gnomes I
Armies: Stormwind
Armies: Thunder Bluff

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Battles: War of the Spider

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Army Codex: Argent Crusade I

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