Check out the crazy decks Monsanto is bringing to the Summer Playoffs.

The 2017 HCT Summer Playoffs conclude this weekend as the Americas come together to find out who will be competing in the HCT Summer Championship in October. Deck lists were due today and Monsanto has been making waves with his selections. His choices include Exodia Mage and Silence Priest which seems a little out there but isn't unheard of. It's his other two decks - Quest Druid and Quest Rogue - which truly are strange to see at such a high level.

"Priest gamers beware," he tweets, explaining that his Silence Priest went 7-0 against Fatigue Warrior in practice. Many casters have rallied behind him calling him a "damn hero."

It remains to be seen how competitive the decks will actually be. Tune in Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 a.m. PDT to find out.