Don't get surprised while playing Aggro Shaman.

Aggro Shaman may currently be taking a back seat to Pirate Warrior, but there's no telling how long that'll continue to be the case. Maelstrom Portal, a card that has become a staple for the archetype thanks to Reynad has experienced a few changes thanks to the release of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It's important that you keep the potential results in mind before you cast the spell so we've taken the liberty of reviewing the new cards.

When it comes to the release of a new Hearthstone set, everyone's first thought is how the meta will change. What decks will become stronger? What will get weaker as a result? Which of the new cards are good and which are bad? All of these are great questions and they're ones we've been trying to answer for you over the past few weeks. But what casual players frequently forget is that it also has a huge impact on minions and spells that have a random effect as well.

New Cards

Maelstrom Portal summons a random 1-Cost minion. We've categorized all of Gadgetzan's 1-Cost minions below.

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Old Average

Out of the previous 55 cards in Standard the average five drop was a 1.27/1.6.

Some other stats:

Mechanic Cards Odds
Taunt 4/55 7.3%
Charge 2/55 3.6%
Deathrattle 7/55 12.7%
Divine Shield 2/55 3.6%
Card Draw 1/55 1.8%

New Average

Combining all 18 of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan 1-Cost minions, the average comes out to 1.38/1.38.


There isn't too much of a change stats wise as there is not much variety among minions this cheap. The new average is now 1.29/1.57. We saw a relatively significant change in the likelihood of getting a Deathrattle, but they aren't all necessarily good, so please do take note.

Here are your new averages for those mechanics:

Mechanic Cards Odds Change
Taunt 4/63 6.3% -1.0%
Charge 3/63 4.8% -1.2%
Deathrattle 10/63 15.9% +3.2%
Divine Shield 2/63 3.2% -0.4%
Card Draw 2/63 3.2% +1.4%


Best Cards

These are just a few of the best possible outcomes for you. Obviously, Flame Imp and Injured Kvaldir are the two best minions stats-wise period. Tunnel Trogg is always a dangerous beast and Worgen Infiltrator is usually great because it isn't easy to remove. Meanwhile, Pit Snake can be a huge difference against slower decks as it can remove troublesome taunts and much more. While the new cards do certainly include some good minions, it's all about guaranteed value with how squishy many of these one mana minions are.

Worst Cards

There really aren't a ton of terrible cards in the one mana card pool. It has, however, doubled with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Previously only Tentacle of N'Zoth was a generally bad card as Aggro Shamans want to have a large board. Now Mistress of Mixtures joins it.


Mean Streets of Gadgetzan was mostly good for Maelstrom Portal, but Mistress of Mixtures is definitely not something you want to see pop out of it. It's a relatively small adjustment though there are some very good new tools for Aggro Shamans as well.