Meet the first female player to compete for a spot at the World Championship.

Early last week, Blizzard announced the 16 players that would be competing in the HCT Summer Championship. The field includes big names like Pavel, Orange, and Purple. It also includes the likes of OmegaZero and Jasonzhou, both of whom have made multiple appearances in the last few years. Joining them are two relative unknowns for the rest of the world, Trunks and jiajia, at least that was supposed to be the case. Because of visa issues, jiajia is unable to attend the championship in Los Angeles and as a result, RoyalBaize has qualified. She will be the first female Hearthstone player to compete on the HCT world stage.

A documentary video by Netease, shared by Team Celestial, features RoyalBaize and gives us some insight as to what her experience competing has been like.

"Many people feel that there is a big gap between men and women on the e-sports," she says in the documentary, "[But] I would say that the top female players does stand a chance against men, especially in Hearthstone."



"Very happy to see BaiZe will be the first female player ever to compete on the HCT global stage next month," popular Hearthstone commentator Frodan says on Twitter, "Hopefully the first of many."