Sounds have arrived!

We've been hard at work today mapping the new sound files in Hearthstone to each of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan minions and most are now available. We're working on some of the harder to map files like stingers (the music that plays for legendary minions) that aren't easily identifiable so check back for updates later! Apologies in advance if some cards don't have all their sounds, we're working on it!


Druid Cards


Hunter Cards


Mage Cards


Paladin Cards

Priest Cards

Rogue Cards

Shaman Cards

Warlock Cards

Warrior Cards

Grimy Goons

(Warrior, Hunter, Paladin)

Jade Lotus

(Rogue, Druid, Shaman)


(Mage, Priest, Warlock)



Neutral Legendaries




Neutral Epics


Neutral Rares



Neutral Commons