The latest vote on The Grand Tournament website has finished, revealing Master of Ceremonies as the newest epic card. Brazilian website Techtudo also revealed the Druid of the Saber card!

@CM_Whirthun are either modes of Druid of the Saber a beast?
.@gossnj Both of Druid of the Saber's forms are Beast type minions.
@CM_Whirthun can +1/+1 on Druid of the Saber be silenced? Or it is like Druid of the Fang/Claw ?
.@LC_314159265359 The +1/+1 cannot be silenced.

A new Legendary Vote has started and you can once again reveal both cards by tweeting the hashtag #TGTLegendary and filling up the progress bar. The card on the left could be Anub'arak and the Druid card on the right looks like Aviana.


Ben Brode tweeted that you should vote Druid on the right, but if the community tweets #TGTLegendary enough, we'll get to see both anyways!

When the next vote starts - please... vote DRUID. You will be tempted to vote against Druid. It will be difficult. You must persevere.