The Journey to Un'Goro Begins

As we lead up to the Secrets of Un'Goro expansion, Blizzard has released Week 1 of a Journal that details his journey to Un'Goro Crater. 

  • Malone talks about his meeting with George Herbert Doyle the IV, who is convincedthat the semi-mythical beast Galvadon exists in Un'Goro Crater
  • On the way to Un'Goro, they travel through Gadgetzan, which the journal makes reference to pirates and Kazakus.
  • Malone meets up with the lady leading the expedition, Professor Starseeker, otherwise known as Elise Starseeker
  • At the bottom of the article, you're able to vote on what else you think Malone should bring. Voting closes on March 10.
    • An umbrella – Those clouds overhead look ominous. Also, umbrellas are kind of shaped like swords. I wish I had a sword.
    • A compass – The professor’s G.G.P.S. is fancy but delicate. Also, I don’t think he knows how it works. Better have a backup.

You can check out the full diary below and there's sure to be more considering this is only week 1!