Not looking so good for the old powerhouses.

Today's release marks the first Vicious Syndicate Data Reaper Report since before Mean Streets of Gadgetzan launched. While it's not representative of the entire meta, it does have a sample size of just over 100,000 games played which is nothing to scoff at. From this we can glean our first big picture data backed information from the new meta. An analysis was conducted on games from December 5 through December 13, so while it doesn't have every match played since release, it does make up a significant chunk.

Across all ranks these were the most popular classes and archetypes:

Rank Class   Rank Archetype
1 Warrior   1 Pirate Warrior - 16.62%
2 Shaman   2 Renolock - 13.69%
3 Warlock   3 Jade Druid - 10.57%


Way more interesting than that, however, are the classes that lie at the bottom of the heap. Mage makes up only 5.35% of the meta, a lot lower than many would have you believe. Even worse than that is Hunter and Paladin which are truly suffering from the Grimy Goons mechanic that has fallen flat in the weeks after release. They made up just 2.55 and 3.13 percent of the games played in the same time period.

Every other class is in the double digits aside from Rogue, but Valeera is on a sharp rise as the strength of the class is just now starting to be recognized once again.

For confirmation of this, just check out the stats from Legend ranks alone.

Rank Class   Rank Archetype
1 Shaman   1 Aggro Shaman - 18.03%
2 Rogue   2 Renolock - 15.42%
3 Warrior   3 Miracle Rogue - 14.07%


More information and analysis is available over on the Vicious Syndicate website.