"Lone Champion" - A new anti-Aggro option, or maybe a tool that Aggro decks will utilize?

New card just got revealed by the player CzechCloud (Source). 

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That’s a pretty interesting anti-Aggro tool... or is it? On the one hand, it fits well with the other anti-Aggro Taunts that are not very aggressive (Tar Creeper) or are better when you play them from behind (Second-Rate Bruiser). However, remember that any anti-Aggro tool can also be utilized BY the Aggro decks if not tuned correctly.

To rate this card, we first need to look at the best and worst case scenario. Best case scenario – you play it with no other minions on the board and you get a 2/4 Taunt with Divine Shield for 3 mana. Which is a solid minion, but really not that crazy. On the other hand, if you have something on the board and you drop it, you get a 3 mana 2/4 with no effect. Which is obviously bad no matter what kind of deck you’re running.

And how likely is the scenario of having no minions on the board? Well, for an Aggro deck, not that likely. You want to be ahead and you want to cards that push you ahead. You don’t really want a card that can potentially be just a 2/4 for 3 mana with no effect whatsoever. While the card should be really good in the Aggro mirrors, or to drop right after the board clear, I don’t think that it fits in that kind of decks, even though the best case scenario is quite appealing.

On the other hand, if you’re running a Control deck, then having no minions on the board is far more likely, since you’re usually playing from behind. And a 2/4 Taunt with DS would probably see some play as an anti-Aggro tool. However, you still can’t activate it 100% of the time. For example – you already have a minion on the board and need some protection against a Charge minion or a Weapon. Well, too bad, you can’t really play it for a Taunt, because it won’t get one.

So, in the end, I feel like the minion won’t work as an aggressive tool because of its limitations, and as a defensive tool you’d probably still prefer to run a Tar Creeper instead. 2/4 with Divine Shield vs 3/5 Taunt are comparable in the Aggro matchups, and Tar Creeper is simply more consistent.

The mechanic is cool, but the minion would probably need to have 5 health in order to be a better choice than Tar Creeper. In the current form, it might be a rare tech card if you need more defensive tools, e.g. in Highlander decks that can't run two copies of the Creeper.

Card rating: 3/5

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