Sync up on what the best Hearthstone Arena cards are.

Popular Hearthstone Arena tier list The Lightforge, ran by popular streamers ADWCTA and Merps, have updated their service in an effort to make it more accurate and user-friendly. 

As a result of Hearthstone's 7.1 patch, cards like ResurrectArcane GiantArchmage Antonidas, and Mountain Giant all saw their values increase.

Dirty RatStormforged AxeCursed BladeMillhouse Manastorm, and Nat, the Darkfisher had the largest decreases.

Changes were also made to class cards and neutral cards across each class individually. Grim Patron, in particular, was hit hard for Warriors, losing ten points thanks in large part to Death's Bite.

The list itself also received some adjustments as every single card has also been recentered around the 100. It's an arbitrary number, but it helps users perceive the differences in power level between any two or three given cards.

Fiery War Axe, for example, saw an increase of 106 points, locking it in solidly at 202, making it the best Warrior card by far. Bash, a card with a similar three damage removal effect finds itself much lower at 119. While many would consider the latter to be extremely solid, this rebalancing helps emphasize the power difference between the two.

ADWCTA says the duo opted to make the highly requested change now because "7.1 offering odds made deck values lower." This in itself causes the best cards to have a much higher impact than others that you would simply consider good.

"Whenever big changes happen, recentering keeps perceived scale accurate," ADWCTA explains, though he admits that the difference between 50 and 100 "itself is arbitrary."

Announced prior to the most recent patch, Blizzard made the decision to switch the Arena from Wild to Standard, removing all of Goblins vs Gnomes and Naxxramas from the available card pool. In addition, they increased the frequency of spells, decreased the likelihood of commons and Neutral Classic cards. Flamestrike and Abyssal Enforcer were the only true nerfs in the patch as they now appear 50% less in drafts.

For a complete list of changes, head on over to Lightforge's Changelog.