Two Mana Cabalist's Tome? Everything's possible with the Lesser Ruby Spellstone!

Another Kobolds & Catacombs card has been revealed by LvGeLesser Ruby Spellstone!

While we don't yet have the images for the regular Ruby Spellstone and the Greater Ruby Spellstone, they also require two Elementals, but reward two and three random Mage spells, respectively.

Donais commented on the card saying, "Works well with lots of elementals, but not bad even with just a sprinkling of elementals. Figuring out how many you want to include is the trick."

Another Reddit user pointed out how it makes cards like Flame Geyser and Steam Surger stronger to which Donais replied, "Right, we also wanted it to not be good in the existing quest mage deck since it runs very few elementals. If people want to run it in quest mage then they need to add a few elementals and change up the deck.

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This card is nuts in the right deck. And the right deck is Elemental Mage. But you know what's the problem? The right deck is bad and so far nothing suggests that it's going to change. 

Elemental Mage was first introduced in Journey to Un'Goro, but it never really took off. The problem is that Mage simply had better ways to play, there was not enough incentive to run Elementals. But now, that is a pretty significant incentive if you ask me.

I really prefer the cheaper Spellstones. The thing about them is that even using the first version of them is not the end of the World - you'll pay 2 mana for a random spell. Yes, it's bad, it's like playing a 1 mana more expensive Babbling Book without a body. But it's not the end of the world, you're still spending only 1/5 of your turn in the late game. 

The effect, however, already gets good with the second version. 2 mana for 2 random spells is a great value. It's comparable to Arcane Intellect (sometimes better, sometimes worse, depending on what spells you get), which is probably THE most staple Mage card ever printed. But it gets even better. If you manage to upgrade it all the way, you get a 2 mana version of Cabalist's Tome, which is a good card already. And remember the good old Cabalist's Tome chains (when you got Tome from Tome)? This gets even more likely. Now this card might give you a Tome, or might give you another copy of itself, which you can upgrade again. Just putting those two into your Elemental Mage deck will give it a lot of extra value. 

One important thing is that this procs on Elementals PLAYED, not SUMMONED. Which means that Frost Lich Jaina won't push the spell further, as it summons the Elementals (both the initial one and the ones from Hero Power). 

There is also an off-chance that this sees play in Quest Mage. If you decide to run a version with Shimmering Tempests and add Flame Geyser instead of Frostbolt (to the builds that run it), you might be able to upgrade it. It's still a stretch, however, because you'd need to really play a lot of Elementals tha make 

But, in the end, power of this card is mostly tied to how good Elemental Mage will be. If it was printed right now, it would probably see close to no play, simply because an actual Elemental Mage is not a thing. But, given that Paladin has already got a new Elemental and this is an Elemental synergy after all, we might expect that Mage gets another Elemental in the set. Maybe even the Mage's Legendary will be somehow tied to the Elementals? Since this card will really fit into only one archetype, its playability is 100% tied to how playable that archetype is. And that's not something possible to guess right now. 

Card rating: 5/5 if Elemental Mage will be played... 1/5 if it won't.

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