We have prepared guides for more than 30 of Un'Goro's most complicated cards.

Here at Hearthhead, we've been hard at work trying to make the game more digestible for a wide variety of players. This has primarily taken the form of new player guides alongside our popular Class Overview and Guides, but today we're happy to show more of what we've been working on. It can be hard to know whether an individual card is worth running or not. This decision gets even harder when you're dealing with cards that are legendary with unique effects or have some sort of randomness tied into them. These are the type of cards we had Ville "Old Guardian" Kilkku write about for us.

We decided to tackle Journey to Un'Goro, to begin with. It's the latest set, the cards will be relevant for a long time, and it has a good number of cards that people could really use more information about.

From a high-level, you'll notice that each and every one of the following cards are broken down into a few sections: 

  • Introduction

    • Some basic information about the card.

  • Significant Interactions and Related Cards

    • What are some unintuitive interactions this card might have (a la Wild Pyromancer with Poisonous)

    • If the card requires a condition to be satisfied, what cards can do this?

    • What cards does this synergize well with?

  • Standard Format

    • How does the card do in Standard?

    • If the card generates another random card, what is possible?

  • Wild Format

    • How does the card do in Wild?

    • If the card generates another random card, what is possible?


Here are all of the cards we covered sorted by class. Please send us your feedback, we'll be keeping it in mind for updates and future content like this.

Note: Card guides do not currently display on mobile devices, apologies.