This week's Temple of Orsis wing came along with the Warrior and Warlock Class Challenges. In them you rematch against Zinaar and Sun Raider Phaerix with premade decks built by Blizzard. They're not as hard as the Heroic versions of each boss, but can certainly be more difficult then the Normal bosses, which we wrote a guide for here.

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This is a Bolster deck. It was one of the more highly theorycrafted decks prior to the release of The Grand Tournament, but once everyone actually got
their hands on the cards, it simply wasn't good
enough to make the cut for Constructed. That said,
Blizzard has chosen to show you exactly how such a deck would work!

With the key card being Bolster, which you have four of in this deck, you're aiming to get as
many minions with Taunt on the field prior to activating your spells.

Your Deck

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Keep: Annoy-o-Tron, King's Defender, Fierce Monkey.
Always Mulligan: Unstable Ghoul, Cursed Blade, Obsidian Destroyer.

In general you want to establish an early game board presence so minions like Whirling Zap-o-matic can't burst you down before you can set up your walls. If you don't get any of the cheap Taunt minions early on, don't be afraid to hold on to them and pull off a crazy Bolster combo later in the game. Because you have four copies of it in the deck, you really don't need to use them sparingly, but we recommend you have at least three minions with Taunt on the field prior to casting it.

A large part of this challenge is also dealing with the RNG from his hero power, rewarding you with Wish for Companionship, Wish for Glory, Wish for More Wishes, Wish for Valor, or Wish for Power. You always want to cast these spells first with the exception of Wish for More Wishes, which may sometimes require you to empty your hand a bit first. Either way, the spells and minions you get from this are likely to be stronger than those in your deck, so don't be afraid to give those priority.

Also, never play Cursed Blade. There's almost always a better play, and that includes simply passing your turn with one unused mana.

Reward: Obsidian Destroyer

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With Rod of the Sun deciding who is Immune from damage, your main priority here should be wresting control of it. There's really no theme to this deck outside of Demons and the fact that most of the cards damage you such as to encourage control of the Rod.

Your Deck

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Keep: Imp Gang Boss, Voidwalker, Flame Imp, Dark Peddler, Huge Toad
Always Mulligan: Lord Jaraxxus, Siphon Soul, Pit Lord, Demonheart, Wilfred Fizzlebang

Since most of your mid to late game cards deal damage to you, it's really important that you aggressively mulligan for cards that will allow you to have an early board presence without losing too much health. And the second you have Rod of the Sun, you want to play as many of those self-damaging minions as possible such as to avoid the drawbacks and keep increasing your advantage.

Outside of that this is your standard Zoolock match where board control is actually surprisingly important.

Reward: Dark Peddler