brannbronzebeard.pngThursday marks the release of the second League of Explorers wing, Uldaman. In it you'll face three new bosses and the Druid and Paladin Class Challenges. You'll be adventuring alongside the one and only Brann Bronzebeard, brother to Magni Bronzebeard (the other Warrior hero), as we venture to retrieve the second piece of the Staff of Origination.

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The second piece of the artifact lies deep within the halls of Uldaman, a key location of immense importance to dwarf history. Lucky for you, Brann Bronzebeard himself will help you probe the depths of this dangerous dig site. With such an experienced treasure hunter at your side, surely nothing will go wrong. Say, do these ancient statues look… evil?

Back to TopFirst Boss: Chieftain Scarvash

Trogg Hate Minions!: Enemy minions cost two more. Swap to Trogg Hate Spells! at the start of your turn.
Trogg Hate Spells!: Enemy spells cost two more. Swap to Trogg Hate Minions! at the start of your turn.
Rewards - Tunnel Trogg and Ethereal Conjurer
Druid Class Challenge Reward - Mounted Raptor

Chieftain Scarvash is a Trogg that stands between you and the headpiece of the Staff of Origination. His hero power alternates between making minions and spells more expensive, so your deck will need to have a good balance between the two such that you can actually make a play each turn.

Heroic: A bit more formidable is the Chieftain Scarvash Heroic where his hero powers begin to outright forbid you from playing minions and spells on an alternating basis. Trogg Hate Minions! and Trogg Hate Spells! are set to offer a pretty good challenge. As a result we're pegging Tempo Mage and Control Priest as early candidates for success as they rely on a good combination of both types of cards.


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Flee the Mine!: Escape the Troggs!
Rewards - Tomb Spider and Unearthed Raptor

Another encounter that has you trying to survive a specified number of turns to escape, Mine Cart Rush challenges you to "escape the troggs in this “super safe” mine cart!"

Heroic: With what we saw out of Temple Escape Heroic, you'll likely just have larger minions and more pesky obstacles. The decisions you need to make shouldn't change at all and it should be the exact same number of turns.

We believe the following cards may make an appearance, either in the normal or Heroic version:


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Stonesculpting: Summon a 0/2 Statue for both players.
Rewards - Fierce Monkey and Reliquary Seeker
Paladin Class Challenge Reward - Keeper of Uldaman

From what we can discern, Archaedas has cards in his deck like Shattering Spree that allow him to directly deal damage to you based on how many statues he destroys. So the main goal of this boss is to clear both his and your own statues to keep him from bursting you down as he'll be summoning two Statues per turn. If you don't deal with any of them, even on normal difficulty you're looking at ten damage on Turn 5.

Heroic: Archaedas Heroic is much more difficult. His hero power now summons the tougher Earthen Statue and his spell Shattering Spree now does three damage per statue. This cast on Turn 5 with a full board of Statues outright loses you the game. So it will be a Control match to the end!

Back to TopWing completion rewards: Excavated Evil and Brann Bronzebeard.