If you're reading this, you've officially made it through the Thanksgiving week League of Explorers drought. Following the release of both the Temple of Orsis and Uldaman, the world has anxiously awaited the next release. And with some awesome rewards like Entomb, Naga Sea Witch, and more Murlocs than we can count, who can blame them?

Back to TopThe Ruined City

Face hordes of Naga and Murlocs and worse to reach the third piece of the artifact. To aid you in your struggle against the scaly and slippery terrors of the ruined city, refined gentleman and scholar Sir Finley Mrrgglton joins your quest. Brave the challenges of this ruined city, and you will be one step closer to claiming your prize.
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Back to TopFirst Boss: Lord Slitherspear

Getting Hungry: Summon a Hungry Naga.
Enraged!: Give your hero +2 attack this turn.
Rewards - Huge Toad and Gorillabot A-3
Hunter Class Challenge Reward - Dart Trap

It's worth noting that there are multiple Hungry Nagas in the database including:We don't yet know what triggers Lord Slitherspear's enrage. It would likely be too tough if it activated when he's damaged at all, 30 health is a lot to get through after all. That said, it may indeed be the mechanic that Blizzard is going for in this encounter. It doesn't seem all that outlandish to ask players to repeatedly clear the board of his Hungry Nagas until it's possible to burst him down in one swift turn.

Heroic: In Heroic, we expect Lord Slitherspear to have 15 additional armor for you to clear. This requires you to not only survive the onslaught, but makes it such that you're also going to want to try and clear that armor before attempting to burst him down. It's theoretically possible to do all that damage at once, but in general players are going to want to get him as close to the regular 30 health before making a move. On top of this, his Enraged! gets buffed to give him +5 attack

With all of this in mind, we're going to recommend you first try combo decks like Inner Fire Priest and Combo Druid.

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Back to TopSecond Boss: Giantfin the Horrible

Mrglmrgl MRGL!: Draw cards until you have as many in hand as your opponent.
Rewards - Anyfin Can Happen and Murloc Tinyfin
Shaman Class Challenge Reward - Everyfin is Awesome

Face Hunter. Play a Face Hunter. While we know very little about the deck composition of Giantfin. His hero power lends itself well towards having your hand empty and no other deck out there wants to play every card faster than Face Hunter.
That said, here's a peek at some of the uncollectible cards he has in his arsenal:Heroic: In the real challenge, you'll need to refine your play some more to take down Giantfin Heroic. His upgraded hero power Mrglmrgl MRGL! now draws two cards each turn for free. So dealing with the Murlocs he pumps out is going to be of utmost importance lest you get steamrolled. That said, you won't be punished for having cards in your hand, so you can move away from a Face deck and into something more control oriented. Excavated Evil, anyone?

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Back to TopFinal Boss: Lady Naz'jar

Pearl of the Tides: At the end of your turn, replace all minions with new ones that cost (1) more.
Rewards - Pit Snake and Naga Sea Witch
Priest Class Challenge Reward - Entomb

While we can't offer much as to the composition of Lady Naz'jar's deck, we can provide some recommendations as to what may be good to play. Zoolock seems like a perfect fit for this challenge as it focuses on having a drop for each turn of the game. Face Hunter is another viable alternative as you will be able to keep accepting the upgraded minions as she tries to slow you down.

Heroic: You lose your bonus against Lady Naz'jar Heroic who's upgraded Pearl of the Tides which now only increases the value of her own minions, forcing you to deal with them or progressively grow further and further behind.

Back to TopWing completion rewards: Jungle Moonkin and Sir Finley Mrrgglton.