If you've managed to beat all of the Heroic encounters thus far, congratulations. From here on out it's likely that things only get more difficult. With no equivalent to Temple Escape or Mine Cart Rush, you actually have to take down all three bosses with your own decks.

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Sir Finley Mrrgglton has been captured in the Stranglethorn Jungle and needs saving! After doing so we can refocus our efforts back onto the final piece of the Staff of Origination.

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As per usual, Slitherspear gets 15 armor on top of his normal 30 health. There's no Finley to save despite his hero power being Endless Hunger and he will never switch over to his enrage. Each progressive Hungry Naga summoned gains +1/+1 so on Turn 5 Endless Hunger summons a buffed 5/5 minion.

Lord Slitherspear's Heroic Deck
Frost Shock x2
Battle Rage x2
Curse of Rafaam x2
Slithering Archer x4
Looming Presence x2
Flesheating Ghoul x2
Ice Rager x2
Water Elemental x2
Kvaldir Raider x2
Darkscale Healer x2
Slithering Guard x3
Sea Reaver x2
Frost Giant x2


Back to TopGiantfin Heroic

As we mentioned in our preview, Heroic Giantfin sports an upgraded hero power which draws him two cards per turn. He starts with 15 additional armor and a whopping 50 cards in his deck! Consistent board clears are a must. Without them, his Murlocs will get buffed and you'll be overrun!

Giantfin's Heroic Deckhearthstone screenshot 12-03-15 15.36.29.png
Murloc Tinyfin
Grimscale Oracle
Murloc Raider
Murloc Tidecaller
Murloc Tidehunter
Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah
Coldlight Seer
Murloc Warleader
Old Murk-Eye
Note: Giantfin has 50 cards in his deck, made up primarily of the above Murlocs. It's more important that you know which ones he can throw at you, not how many.

Back to TopLady Naz'jar Heroic

Though it actually matters very little what's in Heroic Naz'jar's deck due to her hero power, Pearl of the Tides, it's still useful to know what she can throw at you prior to finishing her turn.

Lady Naz'jar's Heroic Deckhearthstone screenshot 12-03-15 15.36.32.png

Murloc Tinyfin x2
Mirror Image x2
Southsea Deckhand x2
Echoing Ooze x2
Bluegill Warrior x2
Murloc Tidehunter x2
Frostbolt x2
Feral Spirit x2
Lightning Storm x2
Looming Presence x2
Coldlight Oracle x2
Earthen Ring Farseer x2
Death's Bite x2
Keeper of Uldaman x2
Darkscale Healer x2