Though Ben Brode pretty much detailed all of the wings in League of Explorers during the official panel, he had to fit all 45 cards and more into just an hour. As a result it was relatively hard to follow and grasp so we've gathered up all that information for you to prepare yourself for the upcoming release as well as predict how some of these games might play out.

Again, things start on this Thursday, November 12 with the release of the Temple of Orsis wing. Keep in mind, you must have all nine heroes unlocked to play.

Back to TopTemple of Orsis

Help Reno Jackson track down the first piece of the artifact by uncovering the mysteries of the time-lost Temple of Orsis. These ruins have lain undisturbed for centuries, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hold their fair share of danger. Getting in may turn out to be much easier than getting out alive!

Back to TopFirst Boss: Zinaar

Djinn's Intuition (0): Draw a card. Give your opponent a Wish.
Rewards - Djinni of Zephyrs and Jeweled Scarab.
Warrior Class Challenge Reward - Obsidian Destroyer.

Brode described Zinaar as a boss that wants to crush you but is obligated to grant you some wishes along the way, given that he is a genie. So while he gains card advantage over you, he'll also be giving you various advantages in the form of Wishes including: Wish for Companionship, Wish for Glory, Wish for More Wishes, Wish for Valor, and Wish for Power

Heroic: The Heroic version of Zinaar also gains a Mana Crystal each time he activates his hero power.


Back to TopSecond Boss: Sun Raider Phaerix

Blessings of the Sun (Passive): Whoever controls the Rod of the Sun is Immune.
Rewards - Anubisath Sentinel and Summoning Stone.
Warlock Class Challenge Reward - Dark Peddler.

Seems simple enough. Most of what Phaerix throws at you will probably come in the form of forcing back control of the Rod as well as strong minions with Taunt.

Heroic Prediction: From what we can glean from this card, Sun Raider Phaerix, his other minions will be Immune, so you'll need to balance control of Rod of the Sun while making sure you have enough Taunts to keep him from rushing you down.


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Escape! (0): Encounter new obstacles!
Rewards - Rumbling Elemental and Sacred Trial.

We actually have a video preview of this match in its full. Here's what to expect:

Heroic Prediction: This one's pretty easy to guess. We expect the turn counter to increase to about 15 or so instead of 10. Either that or the obstacles will simply be buffed up so that you take more damage, have less benefits, or face larger minions. Perhaps a combination of them all.

Back to TopDefeat all bosses and earn: Ancient Shade and Reno Jackson.