The League of Explorers launched today with the opening of the Temple of Orsis. Over the next five weeks, with a break for Thanksgiving in the United States, all four wings will release one week apart.

If you're up for some exploring, our database contains all of the normal bosses, heroic bosses, and class challenges. Be forewarned however that there are of course spoilers beyond those links.

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Zinaar's shtick is using his hero power, Djinn’s Intuition, each and every turn,
even if he's reached fatigue. Every activate gives you a random Wish in the form of
Wish for Companionship, Wish for Glory, Wish for More Wishes, Wish for Valor, or
Wish for Power. As you can see, these are zero mana spells, meaning decks like League of Explorers - Normal + Heroic Vinaar Tempo Mage feel right at home. Cards like Mana Wyrm, Flamewaker, and even Ethereal Arcanist can be fantastic as Zinaar frequently isn't smart enough to deal with them right away.

Zinaar's Deck

Young Dragonhawk x2
Wisp x2
Jeweled Scarab
Forgotten Torch x2
Dust Devil x2
Lightning Bolt
Pit Snake x2
Lava Shock x2
Dragonhawk Rider x2
Whirling Zap-o-matic x2
Desert Camel x2
Fierce Monkey x2
Anubisath Sentinel x2
Windspeaker x2
Earthen Ring Farseer x2
Unbound Elemental x2
Ice Block

Rewards: Djinni of Zephyrs and Jeweled Scarab.

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Sun Raider Phaerix begins the match with Rod of the Sun on his side of the field and it's the only thing that stands between you and victory as his hero power, Blessings of the Sun, is a passive immunity. He has no special cards that immediately wrest it from your grasp aside from the likes of Arcanite Reaper if you don't have any minions with Taunt. We opted to play League of Explorers - Normal Phaerix Dragon Priest because of cards like Cabal Shadow Priest to grab control of the Rod before buffing it with the likes of Velen's Chosen and Power Word: Shield.Phaerix's Deck

Flame Juggler x2
Fireguard Destroyer x2
Tol'vir Hoplite x2
Arcanite Reaper x2
Flame Lance x2
Wild Pyromancer x2
Sunfury Protector x2
Mounted Raptor x2
Defender of Argus x2
Holy Fire x2
Druid of the Flame x2
Flamestrike x2
Lightspawn x2

It also appears as if Phaerix has some conditional spells, as despite the fact that we took him to fatigue, he held on to two cards.

Rewards - Anubisath Sentinel and Summoning Stone.

Back to TopTemple Escape

Temple Escape is an entirely scripted event where the player simply needs to survive for ten turns. We decided to use [deck=137426 because Warriors are infamous for staying alive and having many immediate answers at their fingertips. Fiery War Axe, Bash, and Shieldmaiden are all particularly good in this challenge.

Again, as this is scripted, below is the encounter in its entirety, so stop reading if you don't want to know exactly what's going to happen.

Once per turn, the Temple will activate Escape! which is basically the equivalent to it taking it's turn. Occasionally, before you start your turn, you'll be prompted with a decision in the form of an event. What's appropriate depends on how the game has unfolded thus far and what you can deal with the best.templeescape2.pngRewards - Rumbling Elemental and Sacred Trial.