Sadly there's no League of Explorers wing being released this week with it being Thanksgiving in the States. That said, it should give you some extra time to tackle the Heroic bosses that have been thrown your way thus far. While we've already done in depth guides for both the Temple of Orsis and Uldaman, those are mostly about preparing yourself for the encounter via understanding the boss' decklist and how the match plays out. Here ares some specific decks that should give you a good chance at victory.
The next wing of League of Explorers, The Ruined City, opens next Thursday and prominently features Murlocs.

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Since Zinaar ramps up his mana crystals over time, we're looking to be aggressive right off the bat. Oedlan's Budget Tempo deck meets that criteria to a tee. Plus it all costs less than 1,000 Arcane Dust.
Play cards, all the time. Every turn, you will get at least one spell, a wish, that together will Flamewaker, Questing Adventurer, Mana Wyrm and more will create a beautiful synergy.
He recommends mulliganing for Mana Wyrm and Flamewaker and claims that he beat Zinaar on the first try with this deck. Oedlan continues, "Zinaar's wishes gives you so much bonus that you will have your hand full at most times." And actually utilizing those cards to the best of your advantage is a crucial part of winning this encounter.

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Riffraff14 brings us a deck aimed at taking down Sun Raider Phaerix and his annoying Rod of the Sun.

Their plan? It's actually pretty simple: "Silence and kill the staff and then beef up a minion and attack."
First, you need to Silence the staff. Once you do that and kill it, Phaerix is no longer immune and you don't have to worry about the staff anymore.

Then drop a high health minion and buff its health to 15+ and then Inner Fire and go face. Just use the rest of your cards to help deal with his minions and heal yourself.

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We've brought a few Freeze/Fatigue Mages to help you deal with the rapid pressure of Heroic Temple Escape. The former by Eldorian79 more closely matches what you'd expect out of a Freeze Mage including cards like Ice Block that straight up give you an extra turn. Envyness on the other hand presents a cheaper version of the same deck that should still get the job done if you're functioning on a budget.

Regardless of which deck you run, you're likely going to want to get cheap drops that help you stall. Envyness recommends Sorcerer's Apprentice for even cheaper spells, Ice Lance, Mirror Image, Annoy-o-Tron and Frost Nova.

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Sadly, Control Warrior decks are never cheap. That said, if you do find yourself having to make substitutions in Distiller's deck, make sure to follow the guidelines.
Whatever you pick for your deck, prioritize odd-mana spells and even-mana minions. Evil Heckler can be changed to Sen'jin Shieldmasta or Defender of Argus. Don't take Doomsayer, Scarvash will always have a priest's Confuse. Trigger the 5 dmg hunter secret only when you can afford it (or if you have annoy-o-tron or master jouster, or low mana minion on board). Weapons aren't affected by Scarvash, so make sure to get a Fiery War Axe in your starting hand.

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One of the first decks created after the release of Uldaman, we had jzachias' deck pegged for success early on. It's remained at the top due to its in depth overall strategy.
This Heroic Archaedas deck takes advantage of the never ending Earthen Statue (Heroic) minions that hit the board every turn. Crazed Alchemist and Wrath are what you want to look for in your mulligan. You can use Crazed Alchemist to take out the early totems by swapping their health. Wrath will take care of the Flametongue Totem. Once you have the board you want to try and get rid of the statues on your side of the board. Dire Wolf Alpha can help trade them in against Earth Elemental and any statues that happen to stick. Big Game Hunter is also your friend against those pesky Earth Elemental that never seem to end. Volcanic Drake is nice against the constant combat damage, and Sea Giant takes advantage of the large boards. Once you’re in the clear, it should be a matter of time before you nail the Savage Roar. Archaedas also plays the new Paladin Secret, Sacred Trial. So when you see one pop up, try to throw down a less quality minion to eat it.