The final League of Explorers wing is upon us! The good news? A whopping twelve cards will be releasing with this one as the remaining cards in the adventure are added to your collection. Though Blizzard has released few details regarding the wing, we've been able to datamine the order in which the cards are rewarded. If that's all you want, head on over to our guide, but we'll also be taking a look at the rewards of each boss throughout this preview. The final encounter with Arch-Thief Rafaam looks to be unlike anything Hearthstone has ever seen.

Back to TopFirst Boss: Skelesaurus Hex

Ancient Power: Give each player a random card. It costs (0).
Rewards - Fossilized Devilsaur and Raven Idol
Rogue Class Challenge Reward - Tomb Pillager

Strangely enough, there's actually very little information in the files regarding this encounter.

Heroic: Ancient Power now only gives Skelesaurus a random card each turn. You'll have to beat him without the assistance of good RNG as your companions attempt to hide the artifacts from Rafaam.

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Platemail Armor: Your Hero can only take 1 damage at a time.
Rewards - Cursed Blade and Museum Curator
Mage Class Challenge Reward - Animated Armor

In a similar situation to Skelesaurus, there doesn't appear to be any special cards for this boss. We do know that our explorers are attempting to secure the museum before they do battle with Rafaam.

Heroic: Platemail Armor extends the Sentinel's armor to all of its minions as well. This means that all damage in general has been nerfed, even board clears. Therefore, cards like Unstable Ghoul and Annoy-o-Tron which give you the most value for one damage at their mana cost are probably going to be good choices.

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Unstable Portal: Add a random minion to your hand. It costs (3) less.
Rewards - Curse of Rafaam and Wobbling Runts
While regular Rafaam has no special cards, there's a very good reason for this. He actually steals your deck.

Don't believe us? Check out his dialogue. It's hilarious and even has some special interactions depending on what he finds in your deck!

Unfortunately, we don't know exactly where that leaves you. Elise Starseeker provides you with a spare deck, but there's no telling what's in it. However, there may very well be some similarity between this encounter and Rafaam Unleashed which has a ton of special cards.

Special Cards

Back to TopFinal Boss: Rafaam Unleashed

Staff of Origination: Your hero is Immune while the staff charges.
Rewards - Eerie Statue and Desert Camel
We told you there were a lot of cards.

This being the Hall of Explorers and all, there are a bunch of worldly treasures around just waiting to be utilized. This could very well be the deck that you are given in both encounters. With no deck left, it makes sense that you'd need to scramble around trying to use the various artifacts while you try to chase Rafaam down. These will be given to you by your ever so helpful companions who have special dialogue for each one.

There are also a ton of previous bosses that have cards tagged to this encounter, presumably Rafaam Unleashed will be running by them and activating them in order to stop your pursuit.

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Crown of Kael'thas
Eye of Orsis
Hakkari Blood Goblet
Khadgar's Pipe
Lothar's Left Greave
Medivh's Locket
Putress' Vial
Shard of Sulfuras
Ysera's Tear
Benediction Splinter

Blessing of the Sun

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Rummage (Heroic)

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Mummy Zombie
Animated Statue

Zinaar (Heroic)
Sun Raider Phaerix
Sun Raider Phaerix (Heroic)
Chieftain Scarvash
Chieftain Scarvash (Heroic)
Archaedas (Heroic)
Lord Slitherspear
Lord Slitherspear (Heroic)
Giantfin (Heroic)
Lady Naz'jar
Lady Naz'jar (Heroic)
Skelesaurus Hex
Skelesaurus Hex (Heroic)
The Steel Sentinel
The Steel Sentinel (Heroic)

Back to TopWing completion rewards: Elise Starseeker and Arch-Thief Rafaam.