It's time for the final wing of the League of Explorers and it doesn't look like things are going to be getting to be getting easier. If you missed our preview to the wing, including all the cards you will receive, you can check it out by clicking here.

Our Heroic Guide will be coming very shortly, but you can view the Heroic Guides for Temple of Orsis, Uldaman and the Ruined City.

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We created the Staff of Origination but it was stolen from us. Time to get it back!

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Arch-Thief Rafaam has taken the Staff of Origination and animated a museum!
Skelesaurus Hex has 30 health and uses his 0-cost hero power, Ancient Power, at the beginning of his turn. His hero power will give both players a random card that costs 0, so hope for good RNG and possibly a Turn 2 Tirion Fordring or Ysera. His deck consists of mostly beast minions, but also includes two secrets, Snake Trap and Bear Trap. Watch out for his big minions, King Krush and The Beast. His deck is listed below, but can contain any card in Hearthstone because of his hero power.
Skelesaurus Rex's Normal Deckhall-of-explorers-skelesaurus-hex-hero.png

Snake Trap
Bear Trap

Ancestral Healing
Tail Swipe
Curse of Rafaam

Huge Toad
Arcane Golem
King Krush
The Beast
Haunted Creeper
Jungle Panther
Bloodfen Raptor
King Mukla

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Archmage Rafaam has animated Lothar's armor. It's platemail armor, so it's going to be tough to take down.
The Steel Sentinel has the hero power, Platemail Armor which means that his hero can only take one damage at a time from any source. Every point of armor from Bash or healing from Truesilver Champion is another attack that must hit his face. The Steel Sentinel's deck consists of mostly low health minions with charge and weapons. You'll have to try to survive his onslaught until he's topdecking at which point, you can start to develop a board to slowly whittle him down. Once you do develop a board, keep your health high to avoid dying to a weapon or charge, and be ready for a Brawl at any point.
The Steel Sentinel's Normal Deckhall-of-explorers-the-steel-sentinel-hero.png

Truesilver Champion
Arcanite Reaper
Sword of Justice


Argent Horserider
Argent Squire
Sparring Partner
Tuskarr Jouster
Armored Warhorse
The Black Knight
Master Jouster
Scarlet Crusader
Argent Commander

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It's time to face off Archmage Rafaam himself! However, he has a few tricks up his sleeve.
At the start of the match, Archmage Rafaam will steal your deck and use it for himself. However, Elise Starseeker will give you a premade deck to use. In addition, Archmage Rafaam's Hero Power is Unstable Portal which means you'll have to deal with whatever RNG feels like throwing your way.

If you do decide to create your own deck, make sure to fill it with the worst cards possible. For example, if you're playing mage, draft cards that have 1 health, so you can use your hero power to take them out at any point. The premade deck that you're given has tech cards such as Acidic Swamp Ooze, Flare, Kezan Mystic, Harrison Jones and Rare Spear, so don't be afraid to put in secrets so you can steal them back. Rare Spear will account for a significant amount of removal, so be sure to add in some rare cards such as Angry Chicken.
Your Deckhall-of-explorers-arch-thief-rafaam-hero.png

Rare Spear

Mind Vision
Explorer's Hat
Raven Idol
Forgotten Torch

Museum Curator
Jeweled Scarab
Eerie Statue
Goldshire Footman
Kezan Mystic
Hemet Nesingwary
Acidic Swamp Ooze
Harrison Jones

Back to TopRafaam Unleashed

Due to the Staff of Origination, Archmage Rafaam will be immune for the majority of the encounter. However, starting on Turn 4 and every third turn thereafter (7, 10, etc.), he will be vulnerable for attack. In addition, on these turns, he will summon a random 5/5 boss from League of Explorers. Determine the priority of killing the card, and do as much damage to him as possible in those short windows.

During this encounter you will not get your normal hero power. Instead, you will get a 0-cost Rummage which will give you an 0-cost artifact. These cards are listed below and once you cycle through them once, your hero power will summon a 1 mana Boom Bot.
Archmage Rafaam's Normal Deckhall-of-explorers-rafaam-unleashed-hero.png
Mirror of Doom
Unstable Portal
Timepiece of Horror
Curse of Rafaam

Fierce Monkey
Ancient Shade
Dark Cultist
Naga Sea Witch
Wobbling Runts

Boss Cards (On Vulnerable Turn)
Sun Raider Phaerix
Chieftain Scarvash
Lord Slitherspear
Lady Naz'jar
Skelesaurus Hex
The Steel Sentinel

Crown of Kael'thas
Eye of Orsis
Hakkari Blood Goblet
Khadgar's Pipe
Lothar's Left Greave
Medivh's Locket
Putress' Vial
Shard of Sulfuras
Ysera's Tear
Benediction Splinter