This is a guide to help you reach level 20 quickly in order to gain the new achievement Fledgling Hero of Warcraft which will reward Hearthstone players the new Lady Liadrin cosmetic Paladin portrait! Whether you are brand-new to WoW or an experienced player rushing to level yet-another-alt, we have tips to help you out!

Lady Liadrin

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  • Can be obtained for Free for new players
  • Can't be a boosted level 100 character.
  • Has to have hit level 20 after Mar 11th, 2016
  • Do NOT pick a Deathknight. It won't work for the achievement.

Back to TopNew Players

For brand new players coming from Hearthstone, you can use the Free Signup Warcraft Trial that allows you to play Warcraft for free up until level 20! Make sure that it is a new account and it is tied to your Hearthstone so that you are able to receive your prize.

Sign up here.

Once you have signed up and have downloaded the game, there are a few things you need to take care of before you start leveling.

Back to TopPicking a Character and Zone

  • Choose a Server - Even if you plan to only play this character once, play on a server you have friends on! You might just return. Be wary of PVP servers. If you do not mind possibly being attacked by higher level characters. Stick to PVE or even RP.
  • Choose a Faction - For the same reason, pick a faction that you can play with friends. They may even come help you level!
  • Pick a Class and Spec - For this guide I recommend we go with Tauren Druid for Horde and Worgen Druid for Alliance. If you aren't in a huge rush, I would also recommend a Blood Elf race so you can see the area where Lady Liadrin is from!
    The reason for druids is because they can heal and damage. Also around level 16 you gain travel form which can help you get to and from places and finish out the last few levels faster.
  • If you want to experience the game even further, check out these other factions with their respective leaders (some of them you may recognize from Hearthstone cards or heroes):
  • Each starting area has pros and cons but the Undead area is generally considered to be a great lore experience, while the Human area and the Worgen, Goblin, and Pandaren areas are streamlined and less populated. You may also want to check out the Goblin and Gnome areas to learn more about the lore related to the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion.

Back to TopGeneral Tips

  • Quest givers will appear to with with an "!" above their heads.
  • Complete a quest and then search for the "?" above their heads. Note: It won't always be an npc. Check your map.
  • To access your map hit "M" on the keyboard and it should open it up. This will make things a whole lot easier.
  • Stuck on a quest or not sure where to find an item? Wowhead has thousands of maps, comments, and screenshots to help you out. Just type in the name of whatever is giving you trouble, and a page will appear with information!
  • Move around with your mouse by holding down Left and Right Click and turning, you can also strafe with Q and E or use W,A,S,D to move around.
  • Make sure to keep all your spells on your numbered hot bar and hit them when you need. Keeping attack spells for 1,2,3 and healing spells for 4,5 is easy to remember. You wont get many spells getting to 20.
  • Hit ESC and open the "Interface" window and make sure "Auto Loot" under "Controls" is checked. This will make things a lot more easier.
  • When fighting creatures, red names means they are hostile and will attack you, yellow means they wont attack you unless you attack them, green means you cannot attack them.
  • You can also hit TAB to select between creatures you are fighting with.
  • Areas may seem crowded at first. If you want to return to WoW at a later point to finish this achievement, park your character inside an Inn (use your Hearthstone to reach it) so you gain experience faster the next time you log in.
  • Read the in game tips. These will guide you along through your first levels.
  • Once you hit level 15, visit a class trainer, learn your newest spells and then try the LFG tool to queue for a dungeon! You can continue to quest while you wait in the queue so no time is wasted!
  • If you have a friend that is also looking to get the Hearthstone portrait TEAM UP!~ It makes things so much more fun and you can help each other.

Back to TopExperienced Players

For all of you know how to level and play and do everything to get to get this Heathstone portrait but here are a few reminders to help you along the way!
  • Heirlooms - There are a combination of heirloom items that can give you up to a 55% experience gain! Learn more about heirlooms in the Heirloom List Guide
    • Helm - 10% Experience gain, available from Guild Vendors.
    • Shoulders - 10% Experience gain, available from Vendors.
    • Chestpiece - 10% Experience gain, available from Vendors.
    • Legs - 10% Experience gain, available from Guild Vendors.
    • Cloak - 5% Experience gain.
    • Shipyard Ring - 5% Experience gain.
    • Fishing Tournament Ring - 5% Experience gain.[/ul]
    • There are also Heirloom necks, trinkets, and weapons which do not increase experience but will give your character a nice stat boost so they can kill mobs more quickly.
    •  Chauffeured Chopper - Getting around mounted from the start will help speed things up! This is the only mount you can use at level 1. It is a reward from Heirloom Hoarder and you can learn more about acquiring heirlooms in the Heirloom Collections Guide
    •  Elixir of the Rapid Mind - Can be purchased via the in game Auction house and is a reward from the Garrison Mission Arakkoa Ancestry. This increases your experience gain by 300% for 15 minutes.
    •  Elixir of Ancient Knowledge - Some players may have these stored away in their bank. This is a drop from Krol the Blade and increases your experience gain by 300% for one hour.
    • Use Auto quest-accept addons.
    • Send a bag or two to the new character. Learn more about available bags in The Big Bag Guide.
    • Form a group of friends! You all have the same goal, run dungeons together!

    Back to TopRecruit a Friend

    This is another option for both Experienced players helping out a New player, or anyone actually. If you use the recruit a friend system, you and your friend can both benefit, also the recruiter can get a special in game mount. This system however does cost a bit more money and you need to be subscribed for a certain period of time. We already have a Basic Guide for Recruit a Friend.

    For both new and old players, enjoy this short level 20 grind~! If you seasoned WoW players see other people in the same area as you picked, ask if they would like help or if they would like to group up. Ask your avid Hearthstone friends if they would like help and team up with them. Who knows, you might even run into someone who has never touched WoW and they may enjoy the experience because you helped them out! If you have any other quick tips and tricks for new and old players, comment away!