Learn how to defeat this week's Frozen Throne bosses with our new guides.

The Hearthhead team has been hard at work for quite some time on the latest update that we're bringing you today. Those that visited the site yesterday may have already noticed that we have some new navigation. In addition to drop downs to help you get to the content you're looking for, we've added support for Adventures once again.

We've completely redesigned our adventure experience from the ground up and today it's launching alongside our Knights of the Frozen Throne guides for both the Prologue and Lower Citadel. We walk you through defeating A Fateful Encounter, Lord Marrowgar, Deathbringer Saurfang, and Lady Deathwhisper and recommend cheap deck lists for each.

We thank Krea for writing the guides and our friends at HSReplay.net for providing the boss deck lists.

Greetings fellow Death Knights! Welcome to the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion! We kick the expansion off with the start of the Prologue. Here, you will face the legendary Lich King himself! I come here before you today, as a survivor of this encounter, barely escaping (un)death! Oh, how did I do it you say? I’m glad you asked! Come, step into my Tavern, I have some information you might like to hear…

Head on over to our Knights of the Frozen Throne adventure hub to get started or stay tuned for a look at what's new.

Our new adventure pages are meant to be more than just database pages. We wanted them to be something that you wouldn't mind exploring. That means making them equally visually appealing and useful.

You'll start at the adventure hub page where you're able to select any of Hearthstone's sets with single-player content.



We decided to visit Knights of the Frozen Throne for this example so we were brough to this page which serves as an overall guide for the adventure and lets you navigate around the different wings and view the various bosses.



Pick any boss and you'll be brought to their database page which shows the boss, their Health (and Armor), deck list and more. You'll also find a guide if one is available. All of the released Frozen Throne bosses currently have a guide and so does all of One Night in Karazhan. We'll soon be making guides available for the older adventures as well. 



The good news is that once you've finished your business on that page, you don't have to back out. We've added a Related Scenarios section at the bottom which allows you to navigate to other bosses from the adventure.



The Hearthhead team hopes that you enjoy this new feature as we continue to improve the website.