While we might not be getting a new Deathknight class, Hearthstone looks to be entering new waters.

The official Chinese Hearthstone website may have just jumped the gun on tonight's Hearthstone expansion reveal. Some keen-eyed Redditors spotted the updated banner art which translates to Knights of the Frozen Throne. Many had doubted Blizzard's ability to add an all new Death Knight class to the game and it looks like that won't be the case at all. The new banner shows each of our heroes with the infamous glowing blue eyes and cold skin tones.

All of the leaked assets can be found below.

Update 5:54 PM PDT:  There may have been another leak which says the new expansion will bring Legendary Hero Cards which transform your heroes into their Death Knight forms (alongside new hero powers), runic magic, a free random Legendary hero card for completing the prologue, and other card pack rewards. It also contained this new promotional image which is the only thing that really gives this leak any legitimacy.