You wanted a good Rogue weapon, you (probably) got a good Rogue weapon.

For years, Hearthstone players have been asking for a really good Rogue weapon. With the introduction of Legendary weapons in Kobolds & Catacombs, many have been hoping it will finally be the time Blizzard delivers. Kingsbane might very well be that weapon.

Unlike most weapons, when Kingsbane is destroyed, it'll go back into your deck and it will retain any of the enchantments on it. That Deadly Poison buff will stick around meaning the next time you draw it, Kingsbane will be a 1-Cost 4 Attack weapon with 3 Durability.

Think of the possibilities!

And yes, Blade Flurry died for this.


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Another weapon, which is quite resistant to Oozes and such. I mean, it’s not as good as Paladin’s (Val'anyr) but it’s still nice that it will keep coming back. And I really, really like this design.

A 1/3 mana weapon for 1 mana obviously wouldn’t see play. I mean, it’s a weaker Light's Justice, right? But here’s the thing, that comparison doesn’t make sense. Rogue is notorious for getting away with playing low impact/high tempo cards simply because of how important the tempo is, how much cycle the class has (in Miracle) or for the sake of activating Combo cards. So saying that Rogue would sometimes want to play a 1 mana (slightly stronger) Hero Power that activates the combo in a form of a card wouldn’t be a stretch.

But of course, that is not the main selling point of this card. The card keeps its enchantments (weapon buffs) when it gets shuffled back into the deck. It means that it combos really well with cards that increase its Attack, Durability or add some extra effects. Just playing a single Deadly Poison means that you get a 1 mana 3/3 weapon that keeps getting shuffled into your deck. That’s great.

The main problem right now is that Deadly Poison is the only Rogue card you’d really want to buff it with. Envenom Weapon is redundant with attack buffs, since if you buff the attack, you won’t likely need Poisonous. And Leeching Poison is great once you buff its attack, but it’s quite useless if you don’t draw it or if you don’t draw any buffs.

But, remember that there are also some Neutral buffs. For example, I could see a Pirate Rogue wanting to run this card with Naga Corsair and Captain Greenskin. Deadly Poison + Greenskin would make it a 4/4 weapon for 1 mana. Crazy, right?

As much as I like it and I think that it has quite a lot of potential, I think that in order to really make it viable we’d need another good buff that Rogue would want to run even WITHOUT this weapon. That’s the thing. You can’t hope to draw it every game, so running a card that combos only with it is meh. That’s why Deadly Poison or Naga Corsair aren’t bad, because they also combo with your Hero Power quite well.

So that’s why I think that this card might really shine in Wild with Tinker's Sharpsword Oil. As for Standard, right now it looks mediocre, because you can't hope to draw it consistently, and your weapon buffs won't be too good without it. But if some way to draw it, or a powerful buff gets printed this expansion, it might be enough of a reason to play this + 2x Deadly Poison + 2x the new card, especially in Miracle, which can cycle through the deck lightning fast.

Oh, and it makes Rogue much less vulnerable to fatigue. Which, honestly, isn’t a problem right now, but might come handy sometimes, in some matchups.

EDIT: This review changes a lot when Cavern Shinyfinder was revealed - now you have a much easier way to draw it multiple times, increasing its consistency by A LOT, so I'm bumping the score from 3.5 to 4.5. 

Card rating: 4.5/5 with 5/5 potential if some powerful buff gets printed

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