Is Un'Goro really too expensive?

There's been a lot of quality Hearthstone content put out over the past week including a long discussion from Kibler about the cost of Un'Goro and a Toast video where he examines a misplay he made.

DisguisedToast Misplays

We're always a big fan of when DisguisedToast takes the time to break down one of his misplays and teach everyone a thing or two about Hearthstone.

Kibler Discusses the Cost of Un'Goro

Many in the community continue to complain about the cost of Journey to Un'Goro and Hearthstone in general. Kibler discusses the topic in his latest video for Omnislash.

Kripp Completes A Very Unique Lethal

Sometimes we play for fun and this is what happens.



The Angry Chicken

Well Met!

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