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There's been a lot of discussion regarding the limited edition Mage hero skin, Khadgar since he was released late last week. One of the loudest complaints has been a lack of visual polish, mainly the shadow that helps ease the portrait in. Fortunately, Senior Producer Yong Woo says there is a fix for this on the way.

Khadgar portrait doesn't have the same inner drop shadow that the other hero portraits have, @PlayHearthstone @ywoo_dev :)
@coLSylvanHunter @PlayHearthstone yeah we saw that, we will be rectifying that in a future patch! sorry about that!

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/u/TheCyberTronn put together some notes from the Arena run Lead Designer Ben Brode streamed over the weekend! It contains some interesting tidbits including the admission that new cosmetic heroes are probably a good amount of time away, confirmation that a new class is unlikely, and some quality of life improvements that Blizzard is looking into.
Ben Brode streamed on 17/April/16 and talked a lot about game design and whatnot. Here is a summary of what he said. These notes are in no particular order. If text is italic, it's my own notes trying to lend context to some of the points.
  • The nerf announcements will be timed close to the release.
  • Random card backs are something Blizzard are looking in to, but not something they've made in time for this next update.
  • Cards are scripted in a tool called "Hearth Edit". If people created their own cards, they could bring down servers. This means custom card designs are unlikely to be implemented.
  • Grounding Totems were going to be implemented, but were taken out before beta as they couldn't find good use for them.
  • Ben Brode was part of the WoW TCG team. That's how he got started with Hearthstone.
  • There is a WotOG stream on the 21st of April. The format of this stream is, as of now, undecided, but we have been assured it will be "AWESOOOME".
  • Ironbeak Owl and BGH are not cards that fit into the "evergreen set" (Classic/Basic), according to Ben Brode. (Speculation: This could mean both cards have been nerfed, and may be added back in a later expansion, possibly as weaker versions, maybe class cards instead)
  • Ben Brode gets mean emails about Hearthstone design details. Guys, stop it.
  • The Curse of Rafaam + Nozdormu combo is a bug Blizz are looking into fixing.
  • Card art is tailored to match different countries' customs. (e.g. China don't like skulls and blood)
  • There are more cosmetic heroes coming, but not in the "near future".
  • Seeing a new "hero that isn't cosmetic" is unlikely. This is because "when you open a pack, there's a higher chance that you'll get a card you can't use".
  • There will be a new WotOG board. (Speculation: This will be announced on the stream on the 21st)
  • The Djinni of Zephyrs and Entomb interaction (Play Entomb on an enemy minion, Djinni on board gets sent to your deck too) is correct in Ben Brode's eyes, but he believes he is in the minority on this.
  • When asked about "good deathrattles", Ben Brode replied "I'm not going to tell you about unreleased stuff in Whispers of the Old Gods".
  • Blizz knew they were going to do an "Old Gods" theme, but there were variations on that.
  • Two of Blizzard's team work most on Tavern Brawls, Pat Nagle and Dan. (Dan's surname was unclear and I couldn't find him through Google.) They "sit in a room and brainstorm", taking ideas from the internet and other people on the team. Then they play-test with the rest of the team. Then they talk to the art team, Jomaro Kindred paints the chalkboard you see when starting a brawl.
  • There was an unreleased Pirate Legendary in TGT, for which art was made but never used. He pushes every time Blizzard draft a set to get it back in. He believes it was too powerful at the time, but will be about right in Standard. He believes there will be more powerful decks in Wild, so this card won't see much use.
In response to this, Ben Brode has issued some more tweets.

@bdbrode Why would a new class increase the likelihood that you'll get a card you can't use? Wouldn't you make a basic set for that class?
@Immaculate_Hobo that's not the biggest reason - but imagine a 5-card pack, and more classes, and trying to get a card for your fav class.
@bdbrode did you say on twitch that owl and bgh are not gonna be part of standard??
@JaViLLaNo_HS no, just that I wonder if those types of effects at that rate are better in the rotating sets.

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When asked whether the Arena will be Standard or Wild, Brode answered the latter, which we've heard before, but he also admits the team may do some playing around with the format at some point.

@valkdoorr wild but we might mix things up a bit