Kabal Chemist hasn't been working as intended.

Dragonfire Potion is arguably one of the best cards released in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. So when Kabal Chemist was revealed, many thought it would be great since it should have a one in ten chance of generating Priest's replacement for Lightbomb. And yet no one can seem to point to a single instance where it was successfully generated and it wasn't until one Reddit user spoke up that the problem was really brought to light.

Troggnostupidhs, the Reddit user who made the thread tested the card 51 times and was unable to get Dragonfire Potion to be granted. In response to this, Chinese team, Celestial pointed out that another esports team had completed a whopping 1419 test runs and the number of Dragonfire Potions generated remained at zero. At this point, most assumed it to be a bug, but there were a few holdouts saying that maybe Blizzard left it out on purpose. Is the Priest potion simply too good for the value?

Fortunately, that wasn't the case. Despite being on vacation, the Blizzard team took some time to let the community know it was indeed a bug and that they'd start looking into it today.

"We are looking into fixing this one when we return [on January 3]," exclaims Senior Producer Yong Woo on Twitter.

It's a pretty massive bug for sure, especially one that went undetected for almost an entire month after release, but it's understandable that Blizzard simply missed one.

"I can't imagine it would be intended," says Game Designer Dean Ayala, "'Potions' isn't a concept we have in code/script. They have to be added manually. Dragonfire was a last minute addition to 'Potions' so it's likely we just didn't add it onto the list.

"Will fix," he continues, "All that said, maybe there is some crazy reason I wasn't specifically aware of but I doubt it."