Come see us at BlizzCon!
BlizzCon is fast approaching so it's time to share more details about the Wowhead Party! Our party takes place on November 3rd on the 5th floor of the Hilton from 6-10pm, and continues with an after-party on the 2nd floor of the Hilton from 10pm-2am.

Admission is free and you don't need to be attending BlizzCon to come to our party. RSVP to let us know if you're attending, which will also grant you access to our new after party.

The party will feature many of the attractions you've come to look forward to, like the plushie claw machine, prize wheel, photo booth, themed drinks, and giant plushies. Panser will be the party's host again and we're revamping the live stream so the people at home can get a better sense of the festivities and party area outside of the stage!

We've made some improvements from last year based on feedback:
  • The Hilton Anaheim courtyard is awesome for ambiance, but there are noise restrictions at the end of the evening. We know people want to party more, so we've expanded to throw an afterparty until 2 am!
  • Nobody likes lines, so we've set up a new area for registration on the floor below to keep things moving along.
  • We will be displaying the Legion Art gallery again, with better lighting! We are also planning on having an art contest very soon that will run until late 2016, it was a bit too rushed to set up around Legion's launch.
We hope to see you there!