This week's Tavern Brawl is It's Raining Mana! Players will begin with one mana crystal as per usual, but then gain 2 mana crystals each turn instead! Thus you will have the following number of mana crystals on each turn:
  • Turn 1: 1 Mana
  • Turn 2: 3 Mana
  • Turn 3: 5 Mana
  • Turn 4: 7 Mana
  • Turn 5: 9 Mana
  • Turn 6+: 10 Mana

This Tavern Brawl provides you with an odd number of mana on the first couple of turns. Make sure you include multiple cards that cost an odd number of mana to compensate!

If you find a good deck and want to share, you can create it in our deck builder. Just be sure to set Tavern Brawl tag. Alternatively, if you're looking for a good deck, check out what decks other players have made in our Decks section.

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