Long a staple of ZAM Network, user submitted guides aren't going anywhere on Hearthhead.

The guides section on Hearthhead has always mostly consisted of official guides created by Hearthhead staff or contributing freelancers. And while we're certainly doubling down on our commitment to have a permanent home for all of the most relevant guides, we're also very much aware that we could be doing much more to ease the creation of guides for those of you in the community.

We've completely overhauled the creation process including a user-friendly front-end editor that allows you to easily reference cards and decks in our database. Gone are the days where you're required to go to the individual card or deck page just to retrieve its ID. Now you can simply press a button in the toolbar, begin typing, and select the one you're looking for. It'll be added as a link automatically and you're even able to add multiple at once, leaving the formatting for later if that's easier for you. For a taste of what's in store, try creating your own deck in the deckbuilder and then add a guide afterward. We're utilizing Markdown which should be familiar to all you Reddit users out there.

Outside of that, we've revamped the guide filter page, doing away with the clunky navigation in favor of an all in one filter which gives you the ability to quickly find what you're looking for. You can just type "Hunter" to find everything with that in the title, sort by the different categories such as Archetypes, Deckbuilding, or Tavern Brawls, and decide how the filter decides what's presented to you first. Of course, our sample size is limited at the moment as we're still yet to port over all of the guides that are currently on the site, but at least you can see how it will all function.

We also now present some quick information including the number of favorites, views, and the category of the guide all for the sake of easy browsing. Speaking of, likes are the new way for users to promote the content they love. In addition, users can now favorite guides to save for later and easily find them when visiting their profile pages. The latter, however, will be coming at a later date.

Sadly, as of launch we aren't yet prepared to enable user submission and editing. In the meantime, feel free to check out a few of the examples we've already prepared - user submission is not quite ready for you yet, but know that it is coming.