There have been a ton of new cards previewed lately by Blizzard and today they covered another one of their themes: mechs. These cards are built on synergy, creating a unique subset of cards that benefit from creating a "mech" deck.

There have also been several exclusive card previews, including IGN's revealing look at the new mech card: a legendary called Foe Reaper 4000.

If you needed a recap, we have tons of Goblins vs Gnomes information in our BlizzCon 2014 coverage:
  • Blizzard's official announcement explained there would be over 120 cards
  • The Fireside Chat also held tons of information, covering everything from a spectator mode to an explanation of how the theme was chosen

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Goblins and gnomes are notorious inventors who create incredible mechanized constructs by combining their keen intellect, some spare parts, and a little elbow grease. While goblin mechanical constructs may have a penchant for exploding and gnomish devices may turn you into a chicken, sometimes these pint-sized inventors manage to get something functioning as intended. Inconceivable!

From harvest golems to fel-spewing cannons, these “mechs” that have been engineered by both goblins and gnomes play a vital role in the struggle to see which diminutive race of engineers ultimately comes out on top. The top of what remains to be seen.

Mechs synergize well with each other—you could say they don’t like to be a-part!

If there’s one thing goblins and gnomes do well, it’s making sure their individual mechs are compatible with the other mechs they build, regardless of what the end result may look like. In Goblins vs Gnomes, many of the new “Mech”-themed cards synergize with other Mech cards, so expect Mechs to bolster other Mechs’ battle capability, assist your Hero, and other zany effects! Mech matters!

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