Easier than ever to navigate.

Cards make up the majority of Hearthstone's substance. Without them, decks can't exist and with an ever growing number of them out there, it's going to become harder and harder to find that one specific card you're looking for. Thankfully, Hearthhead's new card filter system puts more tools than ever at your disposal.

Remember the days when you had to set your filter settings before finally hitting "Apply Filter" and having the page refresh? Yeah, we were never really a fan of that either. Now the entire card database is responsive!

Quick filtering options include card type (spell, minion, weapon), mana cost, class, and set, all of which are now toggles, allowing you to quickly expand or contract the field of cards presented to you. Want to quickly find odd cost minions? All it takes is five quick clicks and all the proper cards are ready to be browsed!

The smart filter search bar at the top searches for your input across all your filter settings including the card name, text, and race. This means you can just as easily search for all cards that summon something as you can Dragons. 

When it comes to individual card pages as in the case of our buddy Undercity Huckster - you get a summary of the card at a glance including both normal and golden card art; all of its various information including class, type, and set; flavor text; and of course, the associated card sounds.

And that's just what's live on the beta site! Our card pages are far from complete. We plan on offering some nifty stats, full card art, and many of the other features you've come to expect of Hearthhead.

Hearthhead Card Database