A deck database you'll definitely want to use!

The heart and soul of every Hearthstone website out there are the decks that are submitted. For too long finding decks on Hearthhead has been largely an experience of looking at endless tables of data trying to find the specific deck that fits your needs.

Our deck filter allows you to quickly switch between each class, search by title and change how the results are sorted all while requiring zero page refreshes. Now you can easily find all of the decks created by your favorite professional players or streamers and search by basically any keyword you can think of. Enter "ONOG 2016" for all the decklists from this weekend's tournament at PAX Prime, "Dragons" if you're looking to channel your inner Brian Kibler, or even find decks defined by specific cards such as "Malygos."

Looking at an individual deck page, which you can see here - Ephemi's Greedy C'Thun Warrior or Skiffington's Undertaker Hybrid Hunter  - we now give users a lot of space to provide a meaty description of what the deck is. Icons quickly convey relevant information such as if the deck is Wild or Standard, the dust cost, and how many favorites it has. Lower down you'll find our new Mana Curve / Mana Cost Stats which can help you decide how aggressively you should mulligan by displaying the likelihood of you having a card to play on each turn. Below that is our more ascetically pleasing Rarity / Dust Cost Breakdown where we display the distribution of cards by rarity and how each of those effects the total dust cost of the decklist.

As always, the decklist is displayed on the right - currently separated by Class and then Neutral cards - but we'll be adding in an option to have the list displayed in its natural order at a later date. Finally, we have the card slider, which displays each and every card in your deck in a horizontal manner. This gives you an all new way to visually examine and understand your deck and will likely tie into some other features we'll be adding after the launch of Hearthhead proper.

Does all this info seem extraneous to you? We hope not, there are many more things we want to explore in this section, but in the meantime there's a "Read More" button at just under the description that will bring you right down to the rest of the deck guide so you can get right into the thick of how to pilot it.

If you're missing the dedicated matchup section, no worries, we're working on bringing that over in a new and visually appealing way as well.

Again, this is just the start of what we plan to offer with the redesigned Hearthhead and we hope you'll stick with us as we continue to roll out more updates!

Note: If you see the "Deck Saved" notification, trust that your information has been saved. It may take up to 15 minutes for the cache to clear and the information to update. Please refrain from updating the decklist again during this time or you could lose progress.