A massive step forward for deckbuilding.

At Hearthhead, we want to have the best deckbuilder possible. And that means catering both to people who are starting from scratch and have no idea what they're going to make and those who are simply porting over a list from in the game.

For that reason, our new deckbuilder emphasizes both exploration of the cards and the ease of finding specific cards or very narrow groups from which you can knock out multiple selections at once.

You have the same tools at your disposal as the card database: quick filtering options include card type (spell, minion, weapon), mana cost, class, and set, all of which are now toggles, allowing you to quickly expand or contract the field of cards presented to you. Want to quickly find odd cost minions? All it takes is five quick clicks and all the proper cards are ready to be browsed!

The smart filter search bar at the top searches for your input across all your filter settings including the card name, text, and race. This means you can just as easily search for all cards that summon something as you can Dragons. 

And the entire thing is designed to feel interactive. The individual cards float outwards as you hover over them and the entries on the decklist pop as you add and remove from it.

With all of these improvements, we're certain we're one of the most user-friendly deckbuilders out there and hope you'll give us a shot when the website finally goes live!

Note: We also store your deck as you're creating it just in case you accidentally hit the back button or close the window. No more losing your progress, just make sure you're using the same browser that you were when the error occurred!