International Card Sounds Available, BattleTag Refresh, Dragonlords Are Loud

May 20, 2016

Last Updated: May 20, 2016
Today, we're glad to announce that nearly all of the international card sounds have been added to our database. But in addition to that, Blizzard has revealed that every single BattleNet account's BattleTag update has been refreshed. If you had previously used up your one and only name change, you're now able to do so again thanks to the launch of Overwatch!

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We've uploaded all of the international card sounds for Whispers of the Old Gods! So if you've ever wondered what German Yogg-Saron or Russian Y'Shaarj sound like, now you can hear it for yourself! Though we've only included a taste below the full list of languages is: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese. To switch languages yourself, you can select one from the drop down menu at the top right next to the feedback button.

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Breaking News: BattleTag Update – 5/19

As we prepare for the launch of Overwatch next week, we have refreshed the free BattleTag update for all accounts! We often see feedback with requests to update your BattleTag, and as we move into a new universe filled with soldiers, scientists, adventurers and oddities it’s important that you have a nickname that represents you!

Like your current moniker? No problem! You will continue to keep and use your existing BattleTag without needing to take any action. Want to change it up? Visit your Account Management Dashboard, and click the Change link under your Account Details to the right of your existing BattleTag! Players on your Friends List, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and Overwatch will see the update soon after the change.

In addition to the above update, requests for an option to update BattleTags more frequently is something we hear often from players. We’re exploring the possibilities, and will be sure to let you know of any updates! Keep an eye on our game sites and forums for announcements.

It won’t be long before the agents of Overwatch are recalled to active duty, and we hope that this update helps you get ready!

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It turns out that having a whole bunch of Deathwing, Dragonlords summoned at once turns them from dragons into robots. Who knew?