Production on our guides is picking back up and our latest is now live! Those of you who are new to Hearthstone, The Grand Tournament, or just want to learn more about the Inspire mechanic may find something helpful inside. We talk about some of the basics such as how you activate Inspire, what classes have cards that utilize it, and some of the special cases you need to be aware of. For those of you who are a bit more experienced, we also touch on the best Inspire cards for Constructed and Arena and highlight some decks that you can use to climb the ladder which use cards with Inspire.

Here's an excerpt from the introduction:
Inspire is the main mechanic added in The Grand Tournament expansion. These special abilities are activated whenever a friendly minion is on the field with the Inspire keyword and you utilize your hero power, regardless of the champion. Some may attract other allies to your cause (summon a minion) or simply become emboldened and gain stats.
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The courageous deeds of champions have long served as a source of inner strength for others, and witnessing a hero’s gallantry in action can be enough to inspire even the lowliest of squires to great feats of strength.

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As we said before, activating Inspire is as simple as using your hero power. It's theoretically possible to do this multiple times a turn through cards that upgrade it like Justicar Trueheart, replace it like Lord Jaraxxus, or allow you to use it multiple times as is the case with Coldarra Drake. It's worth noting that your hero power only needs to be used, so healing a full health minion as a Priest will still activate the special text.